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A I threw our baby in the trash can.

Ashe 16 Feb 2018 Tag: default 2 comments, leave your own..

It could have been beautiful,
Your eyes and my something 
(Not much of note, to be honest)

Bled away the chances
Of what could have been
Growing tall
Or maybe
Sort of
half ginger,
Chameleon eyes and unpredictable
We were lost
In a fleeting second
A potential memory
Of something,
That will someday fade.
I just wish 
It could have turned out differently.

Words: 65 / Updated: 16 Feb 2018 / © Copyright

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After_hours 1 year, 1 month ago New Comment

I liked the candid bluntness in this, & the scent of butterfly effect, leaves one to ponder..[unfortunately & generally] in our darker days, well done.

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Zabz 1 year, 3 months ago New Comment

Even the stars fade... It's what is forged from what's left, even if it be only regret, that makes the memory beautiful and painful. Good to see something new from you.

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