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A The Hills Lie

Atakti 12 Mar 2017 Tag: Dark 1 comments, leave your own..

The past grows bony fingers
that stretch and cast an ice shadow
lingering on my throat.

The creeping chill was seeded seasons ago
in my rush through frosted daffodils, 
swaying defiant and brush-stroked in vibrancy.

Impatience fluttered its winking white wings,
enticed me further in, where every fleeting choice 
took root in blood rich soil, under twisted branches.

The illusion of warmth, a false sun has set 
in shades of regret behind hollow hills
crowned in far-flung rays of grey that dimmed and died.

They rose from black fields, wrinkled like years
worn on the face of the Old Man.
I gaze in their direction, imagining the beyond.

The hills lie in darkness,
they lie to me,

[Dedicated to a friend, dear to Asomatous and living in the world beyond.]

Words: 131 / Updated: 14 Mar 2017 / © Copyright March 2015

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Asomatous 1 year, 4 months ago New Comment

That is so you, always imagining the beyond. There is someone tonight that I love very much and she lives in this world. I hover near its borders, peeking over freezing petals of tricked flowers to where she claws at nightmares, each fingernail a shovel, hollowing the hills. I hear the sound long into the night and want to help her dig out but I'm miles from her and can't ever keep my eyes open long enough to follow the sound. I try to catch the last strands of their guttural croon, to form some defense against their deceiving, dark art and save her, but the wind tears their voices from me; their lies and her soft weeping from the deep. Say a word for her tonight, if you please.

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Atakti 1 year, 4 months ago

The comment is a poem in itself.

As for your dear someone, I will think of her often. This poem is now dedicated to her.

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no one 1 year, 4 months ago

That brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Atakti.

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