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I long to be
On a similar plane with you
Intellectual horseplay
Where psyches grapple
Under sheets of gray matter

Let's not just talk of existential philosophy
Let's craft the theologies
Our academic counterparts and ancestors
Failed to connect

When me becomes we
Our sentences will branch into trees
Proposing prepositions
Advertising adverbs
Nominating nouns

In the equation of coaxial proportions
We stay balanced
Between parallel lines
Showcasing that either which way
I am constantly in sync
With your variable interests

The humanity between us
Would flourish
Like flowers painted by Georgia O'Keefe

The kerning betwixt U 'n I
Resembles the kind you find with adjacent buildings
Forming alleys within warm embraces
Narrow ones at that

Within journal pages
I craft cuneiform inscriptions
Phonetically depicting our attraction
Emphatically expressive
Of the peace I feel within your arms

I resurrect monoliths
Engraving lucky charms
Leprechauns would die for
Brandished with iconic representations
Illustrating love, luck, and luxury
Laughing lethargically
After laying close to one another

The recipe for my affections
Require few ingredients
In infinite increments
See if you can measure up

© Copyright Spoken by jack M. Freedman, Music created on GarageBand by Owen Z. Freedman

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genocide pony 7 years, 4 months ago New Comment

very clever wordplay in this ..

"When me becomes we
Our sentences will branch into trees
Proposing prepositions
Advertising adverbs
Nominating nouns"

was one of my favourite stanzas .. you did brilliantly in this one too .. i'm really digging these .. yep :D

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Stryder 7 years, 4 months ago New Comment

the music in this was a a better compliment but I do think it makes your voice a wee bit quieter! You seem to shrink into the background of the music a bit. I'm not a fan of the word 'betwixt' - for me too archaic, too overtly poetic; but aside from that, your descriptions seem to glow from classes or branches of different subject matters - science, philosophy, art and I also enjoyed how you incorporated said notions into a tone suited as though addressing a lover or loved one....this allowed the emotional aspect of the poem to meld into the intellectual shell....thus this a poem with a spiritual vibe as well as one with lots of acute observational tangents....the result is a treat for the eyes and the ears....just...'betwixt'...eww! :P Top notch, keep them coming!!

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