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Swimming through the deep
Sometimes inhabiting castles in the gravel
I am the life force of liquid nourishment

From fins flourish feet
As I wade
Wailing as I ascend to the surface
Of terrains
Of granules
Of stones
Possessing an exoskeleton of protection
And a fortress against the elements
Arguing over a birthright
And searching for houses in the stars

Shedding surely sequences subsequently
And I develop tusks
Sometimes balancing worlds upon the tips
Sometimes deflating globes of destruction
I seek not the comfort of mud
But simply a place to dig my foot

Soon I am the hybrid of chaos and strength
Making me half a man and half a lion
My mane manifesting madness
Followed by fortitude
My hair never falling from the grace of follicles

Yet my species becomes endangered
Keratin cut down to size
By an axe-wielding dwarf
Need the pun say more?

I am awaiting the moment
Where charm matters most
Where my own peace can be reached
And penetrate the membranes of the world

I have entered the dominion
Of rising to fight
Hoping to stay righteous
And narrate tales of triumph

From there
Aspirations to teach settle in
Praying that prophecies are fulfilled selflessly
Meditating for love

Until one day
I will mount a white stallion
Galloping into the sunset
Leading my disciples
Away from the wars yet to commence
And begin on a clean slate
As the righteous pave way
To beauty with zero pretense

© Copyright Spoken by jack M. Freedman, Music created on GarageBand by Jack M. Freedman

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genocide pony 7 years, 4 months ago New Comment

that was incredible .. psychedelic .. a bizarre trip .. i just closed my eyes and listened .. i just want to say too that i am so thrilled to see more audio being added, sometimes it gets a little forgotten and i love this part of the site :D .. really really REALLY enjoyed this immensely .. thank you so much for sharing!

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Stryder 7 years, 4 months ago New Comment

personally, I could have done without the music; I just found it a bit repetitive and distracting; but overall I am impressed and happy that you're showcasing audio recordings of your work, I think this aspoect of our site has been a bit poorly neglected and I want to encourage other members to have a go and not be shy or embarrassed, but get into the feel of performing their work which can help elevate what's on the page and bring it into some more majestic light! Nicely done G/Z :)

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