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A rain-damp

Miss Dahlia
Miss Dahlia 31 Dec 2017 Tag: lost 1 comments, leave your own..

Anne Sexton is on my nightstand
when I tell you
I am too tired
to get out of bed.

My bones are damp with rain
and heavy with ache,
and it storms every day now;

such is the nature of autumn
in Pennsylvania.

I listen to the raindrops,
count them,
and name them my
children because it feels like they
are tearing themselves free
of my body

But they are not my children.

Bright Eyes is on the radio,
sipping static,
crooning lullabies
            to the ache,

and I worry about the flooding.

Words: 93 / Updated: 31 Dec 2017 / © Copyright

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ness 1 year, 3 months ago New Comment

i cry
i know every inch of this innately....
profound ly loud th is....

missed your words and your words revelations.

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