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Sleeping Hands

By Painfully Dull / Category Lyrics

Just a little song I wrote.


I might not have much
but these pages are yours to touch
when my hands are sleeping miles away.

I wrote these lines for you
to run through your dreams tonight.

the bruised and broken hearts within our chests
will dream tonight.

I'm sending you my love.
my heart can't hold enough.
I'm sending it to sea.
love, come back to me.

© Copyright Heather Kelliker

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soot 7 years, 2 weeks ago New Comment

i just want to curl up into this song and go back to sleep. it's so precious... your voice is a miracle and it shouts so clearly and painfully and exquisitely through each medium you choose to visit... i can't even tell you how wonderful this is... the music, the overlapping harmony... thank you.

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