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Ghost In My Bed

By Painfully Dull / Category Love

this voice in the back of my head
goes through the things I wish you said
I know you meant well, you meant well
but I wish you could have stayed
these mornings without you grab me by the hand
and bring me down

I imagine conversations
that I knew we would have had
I fight with myself
when you would have been mad
when my head's in the clouds
got no one to bring me down

I still make coffee for two
I still bake cupcakes for you
I can't fill the other half of this bed
or the empty spaces you've left in my head

there are pictures of you that I don't want to burn
they make my heart ache, I don't fucking learn
I know you meant well, you meant well
but I wish you could have stuck around

bring me down with you

© Copyright Heather Kelliker

Additional Info

Just something I wrote one rainy day, thinking of things I really shouldn't. I hope you like.

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Baneframe 6 years, 3 months ago New Comment

I have to admit that the audio section of this site has really slipped my attention until lately. I am so completely surprised by what I found when I came across your work. Your voice is absolutely gorgeous. You have an incredible talent. Wow....

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ness 7 years, 1 week ago New Comment

mon dieu, im in tears.
its the delicate nature of it, of being, sometimes.....
and a woman, needlessly, being a woman so softly built and dying for another.

gutting little song.

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soot 7 years, 2 weeks ago New Comment

this reminds me of a ingrid michaelson song might write in the rise and lapse and silky delivery of the lyrics....but it's so much deeper than any of hers would be... labyrinths lie below your surface... the surface of your everything... I love the second verse the most... you're my favorite recording artist, heather.

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Painfully Dull 7 years, 2 weeks ago

You. Just you. You make me so happy.

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