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Come On Children

By Ramsie Shick / Category Personal

i cant find the full lyrics
this is when we first practiced this song/ were
"working this song out"
[would later sing it one time in front of real people
[at Club Da Da in Deep Ellum in 2006
[i have that on a cd but i cant find that either]

i think this is a 2004 recording.
i do not recall how we actually recorded this, not many microphones.
Drums : Dan Hale
Bass: Lee Milton
Slide/Rhythm Guitar: Chris Mayes
Lead/whatever it is i do on my telecaster: Ramsie Shick

we were

Black Margaret and All Gods Children
Black Margaret And All Gods Child.Run

© Copyright Ramsie Shick

Additional Info

i have a recording of this
me on acoustic and then i somehow added an electric
but i have no clue where this is.
i think i used a cd-rw
all was recorded cd to cd
and microphones
to get as
"fatt a sound as possible"
while the whole time
the digital age of recording was happening
this is not suiting lee and i very well.
i think we have become
"falsely stupid"
back then i was and still am writing the song, recording it
getting it ready for whoever i would be playing with
if someone were to play with me
and n=am now it is like
waiting for
and i do nt even recall what that or wotever "that is?"
was about.
or of i even ever read or saw that or if it was a movie or like an
ad on the television.
or if it is some kind of shoe.

and i am perfectly sane and alive.
this is called
"i am tired ive worked my ass off
and there are no more words after this sentence.
and i refuse to be morose about it all
just as i have alwasy been
just as i have alwasy been
get behind me
dustbellier javelinhook

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azaneth74 5 years, 1 month ago New Comment

good stuff hun

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Ramsie Shick 5 years, 1 month ago

oh my god.
so glad you found this place.

how do you like the drummer?
one of my favorite drummers ever ever ever.

i am now going to cry.

the drummer also writes very good poetry and is a great
artist as far
as i recall…

i remember wanting to get some of the music around
the drummer's poetry

i want to write so much more
right here.

i want music back.

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Ramsie Shick 4 years, 12 months ago

i just put up
in the morning from

same disc.

that was quite a night.
was that all in one night?

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DanHale74 4 years, 12 months ago

yeah could have been the same night actually.. its a blur to me tho ;)

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genocide pony 5 years, 1 month ago New Comment

7 months 4 days later ...

You're welcome ramshickle rawks me sawks xxx

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Ramsie Shick 5 years, 1 month ago

hollah! rawk!
this page is silly! haha! :)

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Ramsie 6 years, 11 months ago New Comment


we moved to richardson RIGHT when we came back to get married sorry:

8 days before we got married

from nashville. planned wedding got hitched .
then soon went back to nashville one or 2 more times. dont or canr ecall. it is written down. i sued to write it all down on theroad as carsick as i got.
so richardson is=
to 2001. november. let june 2010. i know because ken the cat died may 25 2010 and then lee subarrachnoid hemmy dec. 15-20 2010- he got out jan uh 18? 2011. from park lan.

then lots o kjfslKDjlskjglskfjglskfjglksgjlsfkJGLKFJGLJFG

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ness 6 years, 11 months ago New Comment

holy crap...holy crap!!!!
deep ellum?????/ as in dallas? on elm and main? the 'night area' near the gypsy tea room..and the bone and the sanitarium and the lizard lounge....
THAT deep ellum???
that is my stomping artistic area.....i used to go there nearly every wkend in my 2os. .....and quite frequently in my 3os. ....
esp the gypsy....
i wonder if i've ever wandered into a room while y'all were playing your tones and prisms??? how surreal. i know exactly this sound you have....it feels innate and spatial....
pj harvey.ish....
i totally love this sound ramsie :)
beautiful and chilling.
soaring in places. ...

deep ellum?
no kidding?
how bout that.

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Ramsie 6 years, 11 months ago New Comment

+want it back+
refraining from all present comments on this matter for the good of my whole sense of a skin the 25th letter n the english alphabet knowing its not that pertinent really that it be answered and then compare that with all other thiings which has happened whhich pertain to me and collats dams+
becasue i would like today to to have some smiles :)

:) :) :) :) :) oh my god it is like smarting abit!

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genocide pony 6 years, 11 months ago New Comment

omg this is so beautiful Ramsie!!! I could listen to this on repeat seriously .. so lovely!!

theres a door we used to hide behind by candlelight!!!

open up the door....

come on children open open open up the door!

i catch an angel by his wings ...

*holds up lighter and waves it in the dark*

it did work out well! :)

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Ramsie Shick 5 years, 8 months ago

[hear me echoing from 1 year and 2 months ago - i sware i gave up the traveling of the time and all stange things from prime r.] love you genocideponeh froxer yer roxer :]

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