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In The Morning

By Ramsie Shick / Category Abstract

i do not know how to credit this

really it is

Black Margaret and All Gods Children
though i wrote the song and lyric.

the chorus is missing - it has the right music structure
which i had no clue
but is an inverted adelweies
the "feel of the lyric is with dumbed down words
is diffcult
this always will hurt the performance

which is a live practice

[ i miss this way of practice recording - it works the best]

- but i did not have words then and still do not - so i am all over it
and at one pint i feel like
i sound like
bill murray in a lounge act"

this was recorded in 2004
after i had recorded the song by myself
acoustic and electric
with probably tons of other lyric and feels the week prior
along with 20 other songs.

i am finding all of those

this is

Dane Hale on drum kit
Lee Milton on bass
Chris Mayes on hollow body telecaster - slide /rhythm
Ramsie Shick - vocals and my 5 switch telecaster proper and signature part.

i have no idea what to say this is

it is a reminiscent song
a being in a hard place.

at the end there was n intended
tag line i did not sing -

"with a little grace - in the morning you'll forget
about me …"

i had thought i might put in there
but i felt reluctant and am glad i chose not to do that.

i just wanted the nice ness of being able to start again in the morning.

and morning
being at any time if this is possible thought

"walking through the verses was brutal to me

many did not understand- even myself to be fair -

that i was singing about very brutal
states of being
mind and
real life experience
with songs which are not

"matching that" in sound andfury

sort of soft rage
and lostedness

as others' did
however that was not my goal

i was happy to be able to lift a guitar
twitch an eye move a thumb

ramsie shick

© Copyright Ramsie Shick

Additional Info

i think lee and dan and chris fit so sweet on this
that is why i stopped singing in this song
and there is just a long interlude
i didn't know what to do

and it was actually so easy to play

compared to so many of these
"groovebusters i had written my whole life"

not sure how to explain that.

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Asomatous 1 year, 10 months ago New Comment

I'm coming at this through a window out into the coming already-too-hot spring that will no doubt lead into a too-hot summer with less rain than I wish for. The light flares in the oxalis and angel wing begonia like it knows the beat of this winnowing. It's so pure. There's so much emotion here. You were a part of this community and now you are gone, and your essence is here and I get to feel it for the very first time after hearing so much about you. You write like my chosen mother did before she died. You sound like her. I didn't ever get to hear her sing but she had that same sultry voice, too many cigarettes and vodka. I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing it's something you wanted. I wish I had known you, thanks for leaving your soul here for this old rambler to capture in an evening mason jar, just long enough to enjoy the glow. I released it after.

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ness 1 year, 11 months ago New Comment

i confess, i have this song stuck in my mind. i've clicked on it many times in the aloneness over the years.

you have soothed and killed me........

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ness 4 years, 11 months ago New Comment

mon dieu...what a godsmack of talent. this is so moving...smokey....lulling....it brings me to near tears [cause i hear this through a foggy window, full of reminiscence, and willows, and silence, and long ago&almost there....]
simply a creation of beauty.
thank y'all.
for this.
for you[s].


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saintedmad 4 years, 11 months ago

..and did i hear a line saying 'we were never made for this'?

dear lord.....
[hangs head]

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Ramsie Shick 4 years, 11 months ago

i freggin hanging my head too.

yes i think its either
we were never meant for this
or made for this

thanks for understanding this. the words you have used- yes iknow !
as i said-
dan and lee and chris created not only musical atmosphere
but a rally amazing emotional atmosphere
i would ave broke myself i think
if i had played this too many more times alone
i have to play with people. i can do it alone but
it is

*it's ironic you have used 2 or 3 words i have in a poem i am thinking of putting up -which means i am working on it really. its old-ish new.. but i didn't know if it was a real word. "lullied" is one of them which is not really a word but i wa using it as a verb off of lulling. but i don't recall if i yanked it or not. i would have posted it today but i got caught up drawing a pic for the dang image -that has all kinds of mess.. because really its a story i way carved down. i am having so much trouble with it. words are vanishing and reappearing at the moment i hope this is like "normal". it also has f-r-a-g-i-l-e [i just red you proem - but i can't respond yet - i will tomorrow]. i like that. i like being on the same page and yet i am sure the things are completely different or close but different. it is less lonely and it is nice. omg i sound like a child writing a letter from camp. the end love rams. take care of my snail.

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azaneth74 5 years, 23 hours ago New Comment
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azaneth74 5 years, 2 days ago New Comment

missing this level of together. some moments in those old recordings are beyond words - 'dane' hale

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Ramsie Shick 5 years, 2 days ago

after a lot of pondering and then lee reading out loud what ramise snick had written …

*i see what you did there.

and then came the silent laffter.

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Ramsie Shick 4 years, 12 months ago

actually- i will figure out how to correct that.


thanks darn h⌥le

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