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By Stryder / Category Horror

His is a world of zissing menace
A megadeath of teeth,

His own crooked-tooth; crass man smile
Hints at contours of cruel decay

'Open wide now' - and he's in.
Despot of the dentine, he'll

Find detox in a deranged needle
With a titanium twist of malice

On a molar demolition crusade
His heavy perfume of smothering gauze, or

Whisky hard breath
Face wrinkled like a gecko.

Eyeballs dripping bloodlust
Like saliva from a demoniac dog.

His is a surgery of nauseating bright light
A practice of perversions

He's ready to floss with sandpaper
Pluck plaque with rusty pliers.

Yet no medical certificate bears his name.
In the waiting room

The open window gapes in
Gasps of cold air on the shadowed faces:

'Next please!'

© Copyright

Additional Info

I apologise for the quality of the recordings due to a poor microphone and not totally understanding the settings in my audio section! I bought a cheap, shoddy mike to talk to Aim through my laptop in 2007, before I flew out to Oz...will upgrade to something more professional when I win the lottery!!!! :P

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