About Us

We Love Poetry & Art!

Ink Circus was launched on the 14th of July, 2011 and is focused on drawing together like-minded poets and artists with a strong aim to pursuing a community-based and encouraging environment, where people with passion and a flair for creativity can excel. We also house a huge selection of famous artists and poets which is being constantly updated and catalogued all the time and your work will rub shoulders with these masters. At Ink Circus you will find a selection of art and poetry that you will either already know and love or you will be introduced to works that will inspire your own work even further. They are easily identifiable by their account name Legends which can be found on their profile. If there is someone you admire and would like to see on Ink Circus we are very happy to hear your suggestions.

Our goals at ink-circus.net are very simple .. to push the boundaries of art, both visual and literary and to be pro-active and expansive; to constantly strive for the highest standards possible and to nurture the growth of artists and writers, old and new, so that we can all evolve in our chosen craft! And to introduce and in turn educate our members with artists and poets of the past.

ink-circus.net has been set up by two aspiring poets / visual artists, who felt that there was something lacking in other sites that they have previously been members of. It seemed that these sites were not geared for growth and we felt a strong urge to build a place that nurtures writers and artists alike in a supportive and friendly environment. And there was also an emphasis toward either just Art or just Poetry on these sites and we found that they tended to fall short in either areas .. we essentially wanted to bring the two together as we believe that there is an importance artistically in both poetry and art equally.

"Managed by Artists & Poets for Artists & Poets"

The concept, to create a dedicated site for people who love and live for art and poetry so that their passion for their craft can be presented and represented and appreciated by 'Circusians' world-wide.

Here's what one of our members (the wonderfully talented and adored Soot) had to say about the circus:

I like to think of this just like a circus. Everyone has their role, their contribution (whether it's the trapeze artists tiptoeing their triumphant suicide dance, the drunk sad clowns, the princess riding her elephants and horses all in frills and empathetical, all-knowing smiles, the menagerie director in charge of the tigers and broken-toothed lions and dancing bears, the whiskered seals barking like grumpy old men, the sideshow full of freaks and friends, their proud and eccentric ringmaster, gently guiding and leading by example). Without these contributions, the circus won't survive. We should be as a family, brought together by our common passion in art and poetry.

We couldn't have put it better ourselves ..

Proud to be a Circusian

We want to build an art and poetry focused community who are proud to be associated with the site. Our aim in developing this site is first and foremost to nurture growth of the artist and for all of our members to be actively involved in this process.. by participating in reviewing others work and sharing their works for others to review and enjoy. This is the very heart and soul and in essence the absolute core of what it means to be a true Circusian. If your only purpose upon joining is to upload your work and nothing else, then perhaps this is not the right place for you, and you should consider building a personal website instead of joining a community!

We encourage positive critiques on works to allow the process of constructive feedback to naturally aid in our members artistic abilities and want our community to be filled with poets and artists who will actively participate in this process. As a Circusian we can all nurture our craft, whether it be writing, painting, sculpting, doll or plushie making or just about any form of art in the world .. together .. as a supportive community in a friendly and loving enviornment.

We also think that your work deserves to be shown and appreciated by others and that you deserve the recognition of your artistic talents. And Ink Circus is the perfect place for you to showcase your work to the world!

With great determination ink-circus.net has developed into what it is today thanks to the following incredibly talented contributors:


Oinkba Design

Oinkba is a design house with many visions, the main vision being, "don't start anything unless your attracted to the project and you know the territory". Oinkba have 25 years experience in the media and print industry including dealerships from Apple, Silicon Graphics, Cisco, Barco, Adobe, Minolta, Agfa, Nikon, Heidelberg.


Ajax/Flash Implementation

Ultrabubble provide custom web design, shopping cart solutions, payment processing, rich media content, web video, narrative-driven design, photography, supporting print design and turnkey solutions for complete campaign management.


eCommerce/Affiliate Integration

Apicos is a company located in Koenji, Tokyo, specializing in Internet marketing solutions. Their aim is to assist friends and associates who have Web business to increase their sales without having to become an expert in Internet marketing. Apicos is the software division of MUKU LLC.

There is no end to the amazing talent people have for art and poetry, and Ink Circus is the perfect playground to present artists and poets worldwide. Each day we look forward to seeing new works manifesting by our wonderful members. We hope you enjoy ink-circus.net.

Thank you - and enjoy!
The Ink Circus Team