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A Maybe One Day This Will Be Our Culture

carlosjackal 26 Feb 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous 1 comments, leave your own..

Ignorance beyond ignorance
History has lead us to this point
Narcissistic clown tears down the veil
And suddenly then we take notice and protest
Kissinger still has a lot to answer for
But he's looking like a barrel of laughs
Compared to this asylum show
It's so hard not to be the arsehole
When patience is thin
And a president is fat and grinning 
I'm desperately trying not to lose
My sense of humour
So I can keep my personality winning

My love is survival
Survival my love
Don't let anyone write your story for you
Where the ditchling may rise
Keep your head high
Symmetry in an imperfect world
Where the pain of Jane
And how she manages
To hold her peace
The gecko's echo signals
My funeral will be a rave

The measure of our sincerity
As fighters not sufferers 
Makes us get through 
As friends
As lovers
It's easier 
When there's two of you
Working together
With the midnight rabbit
"Hello balls!" 
She calls
With an eye for fun

I am an artist
But you will never find my heart
Symmetry is not always beauty
And love has no gender
Is there such thing as a vegan brothel?
Cracker minge and lairy fuckwits 
Trying to pull elephants 
From bippity boppity hats

Now what are we resigned to?
Cheetah-skin mankinis and ocelot flip flops
Witnessing cars disguised as giant apple crumbles
History's worst ever motorcade parades 
The oddness of technology 
In the countryside
Two CCTV cameras looking
Like crows kissing

We are struggling to see order
We are struggling to see ourselves
But if we feel it
We should never let it go
A panoramic point of view
Keeps the mind fresh and open
Maybe one day this will be our culture

Words: 296 / Updated: 26 Feb 2017 / © Copyright Carl Denyer

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Asomatous 1 year, 4 months ago New Comment

Symmetry, always. Without it we are raving lunatics falling not much farther short than the red hair of which we jester. This is brilliant, and said in such a way as I have been struggling to find for some time now. You capture the jest, the circus, the togetherness, the tears and laughter, the serious. All bound up in the organic quinoa wrap of truth: symmetry. That's one spicy meal, my friend! Tastes delicious, but this one isn't quite vegan, there's a lot of meat here. My funeral will be a mosh pit.

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