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A Fibonacci Snapshot of the Midnight and Twilight Zones

carlosjackal 17 Dec 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous 1 comments, leave your own..

                                                         spent in
                                               prisons in the depths
                                      and on the floors of the midnight
                         zone in intricate sponge weave of Venus's flower
baskets. Ethereal snail fish below the twilight zone, intense crushing pressure, their
                        survival a mystery. They live, they move, they breed.
                                      Glowing mystique in dark depths of
                                                     strange oceanic


Words: 57 / Updated: 18 Dec 2017 / © Copyright Carl Denyer

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ness 9 months, 3 weeks ago New Comment

i felt all scientific reading this?
as if it was the measure of a mind or a heart...a reticulation of soul or sound or both.............
and also it read as if---- like i was being drowned....like the mysteries were invading my lungs and i should allow them to take me down...


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