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A Fibonacci Interstellar

carlosjackal 31 Dec 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous 1 comments, leave your own..

                                             I love space.
                                        Earth, Mars, Jupiter.
                                     All things interplanetary.
              As well as black holes, dark matter, horizons in time.
Supernovae, super symmetry, interstellar galaxies, there for all to see.
                         Technology. Discovery. Unparalleled life.
                                  On a pale blue dot, we exist
                                           to live and to die
                                              with one eye

Words: 54 / Updated: 04 Jan 2018 / © Copyright Carl Denyer

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ness 9 months, 2 weeks ago New Comment

blackhole sun
and other myths and mystics

this made me feel small and rather than infinite, more like microscopic.....
must we always be looking around and outwards? missing our own universe....
dontmind me:: i wax morosely poetic.

solidly unsolid emotion in this concrete poemme.

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