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A Asteroids In The Dark

carlosjackal 12 May 2018 Tag: Miscellaneous 1 comments, leave your own..

Like a New Year's Halloween
Ghost towns cry to New Orleans
For a society with no anxiety
A typical schiz on my way to mash it
Or so the rumours had it

Fluidity transport me
Soar like a chorus
Where my heart understands
Then land back like a verse
And relay my plans

A bare knuckle fight
Where we both get bonus
Cheering on
A crowd
Of unified loners
Whilst waiting for death
I may as well enjoy myself
From the halo to the how low
When did I stop crying
Are these 
In the dark?

Words: 98 / Updated: 12 May 2018 / © Copyright Carl Denyer

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ness 6 months, 3 days ago New Comment

the line about....
when did I stop crying?
there is something unobtrusive in this, like losing your clothes at the days end.....and your curled up wondering nearly out loud about things bigger than yourself....world, humanity, hatred, and how we fight to maintain our grace if not our guard down....

lovely and thoughtful.

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