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A Mitch Hedburg Saved My Life II

carlosjackal 29 May 2018 Tag: Miscellaneous 1 comments, leave your own..

I look at a wall.
The wall
looks through me.
Division signs.

At a naked funeral, 
a superstitious mathematician 
doesn't know whether 
to laugh or cry 
and we drink from red cups
so one day we may prosper
as black starfish are released 
into the sea.

Paddy Valentine shares
the smoking acid.
Affinity, empathy and sympathy.

We call it a lick 
because a lick is quick
but the effects are everlasting.

We're all another one 
born into an experiment.
Stand up as a thing 
of both selfishness
and giving.

Raising gin and chronics 
to lush greenery multiplied 
and a wall becomes 
a tiny set piece 
in the nth garden.

Words: 109 / Updated: 02 Jun 2018 / © Copyright Carl Denyer

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ButcherBenji 4 months, 2 weeks ago New Comment

Again you jam a lot of substantial content for the modern poet's eye into a quick, brutal yet humorous piece of writing. Our whole society is being transformed by trauma and the masses are being "split", so to speak, so the duality here constitutes volumes both fun & relevant.

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carlosjackal 4 months, 2 weeks ago

That is a wicked comment, Ben! Cheers! :)

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