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From the ol observation deck...

08/04/17 06:07:25
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From the ol observation deck...

Well, I got lost a number of times, so my sense of direction ain't exactly peaking, and I fell a number of times so I'm not the mountaineer I used to be, and I get winded much easier now so my endurance is no longer at "slasher film monster" level, but I did see a few places I hadn't yet. Now to find the way back to a few of those areas and not get lost this time around. I should take a compass next time lol.

Someone's been building some mighty expensive tree houses up there. They really need to be seen to be believed, but I will try. If you only could see the location of one of them, as it relates to how the blue hell they got the frick'n materials up there. Somebody did some fairly hard goddamn work. Half the population of Bland are rich folks and the other half are dirt farmers, and all are insane. So who knows? I'll ask around as much as possible, because I'm a little curious.

My first few days back to work were difficult. The mountain forays bring out a peculiar, rather unsocial yet not exactly unkind spirit. I'm milling about a bit restlessly and hopefully conceiving a few things.

I hope to be around soon, but don't hold me to anything :)

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