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General Questions

How do I upload art, poetry and audio files?
Firstly, go into 'Your CP' tab, and then 'Poetry', 'Art' or 'Audio' tab and from there you may create a new entry. You may also:

  • Modify entries
  • Delete entries
  • Arrange entries
from within this area.

How do I modify my profile and account information?
You can find the links to modify your profile and your account info on the main page of your control panel

As a free member why are my new uploads pending?
Please see the subscriptions section for more information. You will be notified if an item is rejected and generally the only reason that this will happen is if you have reached your quota. Please note that if an item is rejected it will also be deleted, so please make sure you always have a backup of your work on your computer as we are not responsible for lost works.

Do Premium members have the same pending state on their works?
No. As a Premium member your work is automatically uploaded to the site and immediately viewable by other members and can also post as many works as they like. Please see the subscriptions section for other advantages of upgrading your membership.

I have updated my bio image .. why can't I see it?
You may need to refresh your pages or clear your cache to see your updated image.

Which browser is most suitable for Ink Circus?
For optimum performance, the best and only browser that we recommend using is FireFox .. you can download it for free here. You will definitely notice the difference when you start using FireFox as your preferred browser of choice :)

Why can't I favourite works?
Favourites is coming soon .. you can only add your favourite members at the moment. We will have the site further developed once we gain more contributors to the site. If you want to see new features please contribute :)

What are 'Hide Entries' used for on the upload pages?
You may hide entries that are incomplete whereby they are only viewable by you.

What is 'Image Credits' used for in the Art upload area?
This is the name under which you wish your copyright to appear.

Can I place more than one category for my poetry?
No. Please only place one category. Entries are closely monitored and will be modified if they are found to have more than one category. Categories are classifed as such ie. Love, Loss, Sad, Beat, Experimental, Surreal, Abstract, Haiku, Dark, Horror, Tribute, Miscellaneous etc etc etc .. if you are unsure of a category, please tag it as Miscellaneous! .. Please do not put the title of your poem as a tag or pick out a word from your poem ie. if you poem is about bats .. DO NOT tag it bats .. tag it Nature or something akin .. this makes it a lot easier for people to find your poem. Please note that incorrectly categorized poems will be modified to Miscellaneous and you will not be informed of the moderation.

Can I upload personal photography into the art section?
No. It is only intended for art. Any personal album type images will be asked to be removed by us. We hope to add a section for you later down the track for your personal photo's, again we need to see a healthy contributorship to do so. If we allowed such images into the art section then it defeats its actual purpose .. you won't be notified of such moderations if you are sent an admin request and it is ignored and you are generally given 24 hours to remove it. Artistic photography, however, is fine.

How many tags are allowed in my artworks?
No more than 10 please. Any more than that will be removed.

Which formats are available for images?
Compatible formats are PNG, JPEG, GIF or BMP although the preferred format is JPEG. All formats and resolutions are identified automatically on file upload. Please note the maximum viewable size is 900 pixels.

Can I use italics, bold and other text decoration?
Yes. Click on the BBCODE link next to the text editor for further info.
A note about formatting poems
Currently the site does not support text formatting .. we are looking into this in the future to see if this can be implemented into the site. Currently you are only able to left align, right align or centre text using bbcode. Fancy indentations are not supported .. we apologize for this.

How do I become a fan of another member?
Go to their profile and send a request from their profile page. Members have the choice to accept or decline Fans.

Is there a limit on my inbox?
Yes. Free accounts are limited to 100 messages in their inbox. Premium members are limited to 200 messages. Please delete review and fan/friend notifications as you receive them to free up space in your inbox for private notes as if your inbox becomes full you will not be able to send or receive messages!

Can I have more than one account?
No. You may only register for one account. Accounts are closely monitored and any found with dual accounts will be deleted from the system. If a member persists in opening more than one account they will be permanently banned from the site. If a member is found to be posing as someone other than themselves there will also be repercussions.

Will I be notified when I receive a new review on my work?
Yes .. you will be notified via email if your preferences are set to receive them and you will also receive a detailed message via your private inbox.

Can I advertise on Ink Circus?
We are an ad free site and do not accept advertising requests.

I need a comment deleted, can you delete it for me?
Yes. But we will only remove comments for good reason .. if it's due to typo's edit your comment! If you regret a comment let us know including a link to the page that your comment appears.

How do I delete my account?
We will be very sorry to see you go, but if you decide that you wish to no longer be a part of Ink Circus please send your details here. Please note that once your account is deleted, all of your files are deleted also.

Subscription Upgrades

Why should I upgrade?
We want to keep Ink Circus an ad free environment, this makes your browsing experience on here much more pleasurable. The only things we wish to advertise is Ink Circus itself and YOU!! The most valuable part of our site is what you contribute to the site .. at Ink Circus we value our members and you are our top priority but we still need your help and support to keep this site running .. Not only does your support aid in the continuing development and maintenance of the site, but you also get a couple of nice advantages when you upgrade .. see below for further information.

How much will it cost?
An annual membership is $29.95 .. bi-annually $15.00 and quarterly $7.50. Our prices are GUARANTEED never to increase .. please note that the figures stated are in Australian dollars.

What are the differences between free membership and Premium membership?
Free members are limited to ten poem uploads and five image uploads. When you upload a poem or image it goes into a 'pending' state and must be manually approved by admin before appearing on your profile. As a premium member it cuts out this process and your uploads will appear automatically as soon as you upload an image or a poem. It can take several hours before your post will appear as a free member.

What's included in a premium membership?
Premium member posts are automatically uploaded, there is no pending state and will immediately be visible by other users.
Premium members are periodically featured on the front page and in the featured areas of the site.
Premium members have unlimited ability to post as many images, poems and audio that they like.
Premium members have the ability to upload spoken word poetry as audio files.
Premium members works are also periodically chosen to feature on our official facebook page and are tweeted to other members which means more views for your work :)

What is the accepted forms of payment for a membership
We currently only accept Paypal .. 'Ink Circus' will appear on your statement when you upgrade. As it is subscription based membership, PayPal will recognize the transaction as a recurring payment. This can be easily cancelled by yourself via PayPal or alternatively you can contact us and we can cancel it on your behalf. Australian members also have the choice of money order or direct bank transfer .. please message admin if you'd like to use this form of payment.

Please note that if you let your premium membership lapse some of your work will be hidden and you will need to go through and unhide it if you upgrade again. Your audio will not play either if you revert to a free member.

Can I sponsor someone else on here?
Yes. If you wish to sponsor someone else on here, please send us a message with the details of the member you wish to sponsor and we will forward the required information to you. You may remain anonymous if you wish to.

What is your refund policy?
If in the first 7 days of purchase you are unhappy with the upgraded service and decide that you wish to cancel your premium membership, please contact us to let us know and you will be given a 90% refund of your fees, which will be refunded into your paypal account.

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can either message admin and they will cancel your subscription for you or alternatively you can easily do it yourself by visiting your paypal account .. you can find the instructions on cancelling your subscription here

Spoken Word Audio Files

What audio file types are accepted?
MP3's are the accepted files for audio uploads.

How do I make an audio recording for my poetry?
You need to first record your audio file using your microphone application which is standard on most computers. You can find this by going into your 'Programs' then 'Applications' and then 'Sound Recorder'. Then you can simply record your poem. Once you have saved your file (it will be saved as a Windows Media Audio File or a WMA) you will need to convert it to an MP3.

Which software do I use to convert to an MP3?
We recommend that you download and use Switch MP3 Converter Software from NCH Software .. it is FREE for non-commercial use to download and can be found here. It is a small program and is very simple and fast to use. Once converted you may then upload your new audio file.

Can I just use my webcam to record audio as a video?
Yes. But you will still need to convert your video to MP3 so it is an acceptable file format. To do this you will need to upload your video to YouTube and then convert your file online using the YouTube to MP3 converter here. No software download is required to convert using this method.

Can I put music on here of someone else's that I like?
No. The only music that is allowed to be put up is if it is your lyrics/music and it belongs to you.

Can I recite someone else's work and put it up here?
No. The work must belong to you.

Member Conduct

I am being harrassed by another member?
Please report it in detail here. We encourage a friendly and supportive environment and bullying and harrassment will not be tolerated. Be nice to each other please. Let's keep Ink Circus a fun playground for poets and artists.

Can I upload works that I have not created myself and that do not belong to me?
No. These works will be removed.

My work has been plagiarized, what should I do?
If it has been uploaded onto another site you will need to contact that sites administrator. If you have found work on here that belongs to you please report it in detail here. We take plagiarism very seriously and it is not tolerated. Members will be permanently banned if they are found to have plagiarized someone elses work.

What is expected of me as a Circusian?
We encourage active participation at Ink Circus. Our most valued members both share their work and also review fellow members work. If you are here to just share your poetry or art and not contribute with feedback for others, then this may not be the appropriate place for you as the whole concept behind this site is to share not only your works but also your thoughts, this being the heart and soul and the very core of what it means to be a Circusian.

Am I rewarded for actively contributing to the site?
Your efforts will not go unnoticed. If we see that you are actively involved in supporting and commenting on your fellow members then you may receive a special award for doing so as we value your contributions. You will be notified by private message if you have been selected to receive such an award. Awards will be in the form of Premium membership extensions.

What is the minimum age requirement to join?
You must be at least eighteen years or older to join Ink Circus.

Is there a chatbox?
No. In our experience on other sites, although chatboxes can be fun .. a lot of hostility can be generated toward other members in a chatbox .. and it becomes less about the content of the site and more about popularity contests. If you wish to converse with someone you may do so either via your private inbox or messenger software.

What is your policy on offensive posts?
If you see an offensive post you must report it .. although this is an over 18 site, being the nature of the internet work can still be visible by others. We do not allow anything grossly obscene or offensive to be added to the site .. the work uploaded MUST have artistic integrity .. your work will be removed and it may result in suspension or a permanent ban, so please adhere to these conditions.

Our FAQ is continuously updated, but if you need more clarification on a particular topic or have a suggestion for us then please contact us here.

Please rest assured that your privacy is very important to us.
For more information please read our Privacy Policy.