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A catch me never

magdalena 01 Sep 2017 Tag: personal 2 comments, leave your own..

I'm clairvoyant to your billionaire lips   
the hoax is your tongue     
against my starfish lifelines   
you burn me with moonbeams   
you're a swindler, a lord   
chalk fresh and glitter warmth   
I'm the fumbling rebel   
the fizz when the rain     
falls against my heated flesh   
i am ever the escapist   
your ambush is futile   
the loophole in my metal     
bears your faltering fingerprints     
i predict you a night under a felon sky   
a well wish before I leave   
earth man, with saline coated lashes   
you were accidental   
and I don't want to stay in your glow   
you may just take my breath   
crush my violet divide   
pull me into your quicksand   
you debonair bloke   
suspended from my hip sway   
ceaseless guru, invading my chakra   
a thief, trying to break my code   
I'm the architect of my internal structure   
it's my magic, my fortress   
I feel your fervour   
trying to puncture my life force   
pedestrian of the fashionable abstract 
preaching your brainstorms   
to my twisted tumour 
my isolation 
is a carriage of implications 
a tribute to the dignity 
i glued to my battle flag 
there is a fee for acceptance 
you peddle the hunt, but i am just a ghost 
a motion picture projected through your eyes 

Words: 205 / Updated: 01 Sep 2017 / © Copyright Anita Magdalena

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ness 12 months, 3 days ago New Comment

i read these words....
and i sense a near vengeance or cold calculating 'wait' behind it....the void of emotion underneath, lying in the dark, belies a sort of cryptic sensibility. very chill in the air as you eye.spy the monster in the middle of the room, but really would rather understand the monstrosity kill it dead....
what good is fear anyway; esp if you cannot dissect it to the darkest degree....

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ButcherBenji 1 year, 1 month ago New Comment

I think you & I may have the same problem: we feel a bit too much for this world of cold transaction. Even as an empath, we can only imagine how it must feel to be so rich & empty, constantly trying to collect more and more to fill that big, dark hole inside. Some things can never be captured, and this drives them ever forward to try to add these impossibilities to their collections. There are some problems I am grateful not to have. Thank you for this thoughtful addition to our quiet little library here :)

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