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carlosjackal 17 Dec 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Fibonacci Snapshot of the Midnight and Twilight...

Shrimps' lives spent in beautiful...

carlosjackal 10 Dec 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Crocus

Evil intervening On a cold, dark evening You'll never take my wings Nothing so demeaning I am crocus On the verge Full bloom Emergent Exorcising The mistakes of our parents The rain a reminder to me To always be patient In my dreams I am crocus On the verge Full bloom...

carlosjackal 08 Dec 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Phat Rainbow Mornings

Spiritual wank of sorrow Drown in your flirtation tank Money like all gods is false Take something old Sell it as new Psychedelic honey Slung girls Never boogie voogie They fizz tang Peng the shit out of you With intelligence Depth and breadth and scope Silver Lee...

Ashe 06 Dec 2017 Tag:

A Hypothermia

Bleed into me. Your woes. Your fears. I gladly carry. I could run the tips of my fingers across the faultlines of your life for hours, lips touching imperfections and anomalies alike Marveling the beauty of it all. Curling my hands in the mire of life as you made it Trying to find...

carlosjackal 03 Dec 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A black tulip

damn these paper roses black tulip you're the one to...

saintedmad 07 Nov 2017 Tag: lifelike

A words are terribly pretty

so cry in you no one is god she sits in grey wind wondering how the world still knows she is alive, or dead? the fumes of old nocturnes smoke demons in familiar twists. she hums nothing well... good:: the same russian doll or christ like cull. she told herself none or all of...

tpu 22 Oct 2017 Tag: Sacrifice

A The Procession of Flame.

+--+ Often I wake. To a great distance, I focus my gaze through the window out past the gate, between the cloud and shadow's sway... There is a shape that moves in grey. Something like long robes from an olden age, draped over some great, grotesque frame. Treading tall...

carlosjackal 20 Oct 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Keep In The Rain

A Tuesday morning Comedy show Living life as a dream And a whirl As soon as we judge The art is fucked Open arms Showing kindness To a crow Like a post-orgasmic Bowie lyric You're no saint but You're still a sweetheart ​ Klitschko taught me patience Death taught me to love...

saintedmad 28 Sep 2017 Tag: dreamstate

A no dresses come in bloody alabaster

fool stop. if i go on, out of sheer buoyancy, the heart will decide to die at the point of contact; immediate and then some,how shimmer apocalyptic:light that i know damn well is blindness. so i keep still. if i seem closer now, like white words on sky, ushering you...

tpu 23 Sep 2017 Tag: Dream

A The Dreamer, and the Deceiver.

+--+ There was once a time, I could rid, all I had gathered, and speak to the trees. To the wind, to the water to the sun, to the soil. I knew their names. . . . When the wind would sing, pines would sigh remembrance and the...

magdalena 01 Sep 2017 Tag: personal

A catch me never

I'm clairvoyant to your billionaire lips the hoax is your tongue against my starfish lifelines you burn me with moonbeams you're a swindler, a lord chalk fresh and glitter warmth I'm the fumbling rebel the fizz when the rain falls against my heated flesh...

carlosjackal 31 Aug 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Naga's Revenge

Naga nags Gives the squeeze And I My friend Can barely Breathe! My mouth is struggling A sentence Please! Francesca Behind bar In tea towel Wheeze! As my face explodes With the hottest seas The day I pinned My hopes On a viper wing And a prayer

carlosjackal 31 Aug 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Spiders Three

Spiders three The same The loneliest one Struggling To build webs The other two Building Masterpieces Like they're working Together In harmony Yet Their distance Apart Told The truth About nature And I saw all three Made the perfect Equilateral Triangle

carlosjackal 10 Aug 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A K-Shrooming Glow In Dirty Good Times

wake up on an island empty suitcase post-storm cool breeze the clouds have other plans sun in sky working for alcohol guy hornbag devil man lambs in cougars' clothing blood withdrawal hole in wall caribbean cool consultant word sound engineering strange lady of...

saintedmad 21 Jul 2017 Tag: mojo

A cygnus

white body, slender infinity, not yet human. i might be. i promise you, the palest existence will be angels and deaths. there are words and no words; killings. brief. sparkling, they sound like the silence does when it's loud. . . i have these hands. they look like...

ButcherBelial 08 Jul 2017 Tag: 2013

A The Singularity Blues

An electric voice is what tickled my groove. It bit my bolts to trembling rust on the fleshing coat that flailed my wire. & it’s in the wake of an age that brains this stage, invisible eyes on unseen highs, winging glance of lines in {sigh} by glassing a face to hunt...

carlosjackal 02 Jul 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Morning Cigarette

The smell of your morning cigarette so warm and so calming Another layer of ash as my heart stops to await embalming

carlosjackal 02 Jul 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A On Love Park Way

Patience comes to those who wait Trouble Maker Security stuck in the attic of your mind Eva Angel Christina painted in white on greenhouse paine lone wolf no patience for any man wounds heal memory serves painful reminders they wall the grave denial a thief in the night play Kate...

ButcherBelial 22 May 2017 Tag: Divination

A Moonroof

Howling minstrel daredevil dwells the wind & the dark with glowing eyes behind the rift in tears beyond the tear where buried words of flesh from a deep state of mind for a high noon of halfmoons is riding the sky on a cliffside perch cut through the jaws of a cloudburst...

tpu 31 Mar 2017 Tag: Cycle

A The Widest Scope.

-- Father from father, Spoken through fire and smoke, many tales I know. Taller than the tallest oak, wiser than the eldest folk. - Mother from mother, Blood from blood, bone from bone, aeons' fields be sown. Deeper than the darkest tone,...

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