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carlosjackal 09 Nov 2018 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Seven Swords

Palm tree Mohawk Splayed leaves Pon Desolate mountain range Way out east Where the west is beast Island of rock Tetrastoon Natural magic Come a walk with me Owl disco Free from sleaze You learn to survive Only to die We had the advantage Before there were tasers “Then...

carlosjackal 07 Nov 2018 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Hope

The cloud With the rainbow lining On a Saturday Afternoon No knives No bullet holes Her eyes Like future rooms

tpu 01 Nov 2018 Tag: Halloween

A The Grave of Gold Mountain.

+---+ "Legend been told, 'long as men been countin' 'bout many a fool. Comin' down to gold mountain. Diggin' up coal, gems, ore and oil fountains, 'yes, many a spoil. Hidin' down in the mountain. Dynamite blasts, picks and hammers poundin' tunnels and shafts. Deep down...

saintedmad 19 Oct 2018 Tag: sacrosancti

A halo of bees

^ each day is the learning to be human. a low note graceful and hungry in my throat, to eat of visions, of love lined in undereye black. somewhere, i am nazareth; fallen on my eyes full of prairie sermons and writhing, the grass crawling up my thighs to some slow thrum of...

saintedmad 07 Sep 2018 Tag: dreamstate

A exquisite honeycomb

… thread robin blue dying and a stitched quilt of small prisons containing birds and little dutch girls. once i was watched. patchwork tourniquet and blindfold. the gospels spill the blood best and these hollow eyes and lungs say such things bemoaning beasts and breasts...

saintedmad 08 Jul 2018 Tag: unpoetry

A middlesex

just a leaf on the street trembling, but i undo myself. i most likely should conjure this in third person to make it seem less disturbing, but, i am bloodletting you know there is some blurry psychosis in which i feel comfort able. my poetic emptiness can wait. the very...

tpu 08 Jul 2018 Tag: Fuckthesun

A Fire Folk

+--+ O' Father! Fire, summer sky, smoldering scourge of light. Oppressor, on high. Hear me, O' sire! O' burning blessed blight! Sink down and die! Your children ache, and lust to bathe in the blood of twilight. ......

carlosjackal 30 Jun 2018 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Light Darkness Knowledge Blindness

Imagination the constant motion of dreams in waking consciousness crying out for crystallisation. The abstract revealing the truth through strange ideas interpreting reality. Creativity the revelation solidified after laser beam precision. The drug of...

carlosjackal 04 Jun 2018 Tag: Miscellaneous

A 17 Note Riff On A Lick

We call it a lick because a lick is quick but is everlasting.

carlosjackal 29 May 2018 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Mitch Hedburg Saved My Life II

I look at a wall. The wall looks through me. Division signs. At a naked funeral, a superstitious mathematician doesn't know whether to laugh or cry and we drink from red cups so one day we may prosper as black starfish are released into the sea. Paddy Valentine shares...

saintedmad 25 May 2018 Tag: sacrosancti

A retracing infinity & other unheard beautiful...

part 13: the great swallowing begins here. my first lesson-- how heavy hunger starves you out. i watch the never again . ... the dead dance in the wild darkness-- in the wanton emptiness--- do i dare stay inside eternity? listen to me scratching the sign of your eyes' earth....

carlosjackal 19 May 2018 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Pangramdemonium

Foxy lip sync TV judge, Zara, on K, whams BBQ.

carlosjackal 18 May 2018 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Protractor And Carrot

Duck with a sin grin Cashes coupons Spanish supermarket dust A lady raises her hand to wave Protractor and carrot Kill the trader As a lawyer brushes blank pages In the nonsense, there is comfort and salvation Just, please Ignore potatoes risen from ponds

saintedmad 14 May 2018 Tag: confession

A dawn

I hate that you called her beautiful which means i never really was.

carlosjackal 12 May 2018 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Asteroids In The Dark

Like a New Year's Halloween Ghost towns cry to New Orleans For a society with no anxiety A typical schiz on my way to mash it Or so the rumours had it Fluidity transport me Soar like a chorus Where my heart understands Then land back like a verse And relay my plans A...

carlosjackal 18 Apr 2018 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Killing Labels

I should have been a lesbian what the fuck that even means it's all a love through prism cells spaceships beamed up from the wells my pores they ache to hear a name put other music out to shame and when it lands we'll kill the fable of another word that's just a label...

carlosjackal 09 Apr 2018 Tag: Miscellaneous

A genius art

when the audience does the work then thanks the artist

carlosjackal 22 Mar 2018 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Echoes Of You

A lightness of being When I think about antimatter Ideas cluster in a creative nebula A nova eclipse and I feel ecstatic As the orb intrigues, gravity comforts me I slumber in your umbra While the radiation of your love Shows multiple cosmoses As a singular pattern Cloak...

Ashe 16 Feb 2018 Tag:

A I threw our baby in the trash can.

It could have been beautiful, Your eyes and my something (Not much of note, to be honest) I Bled away the chances Of what could have been Growing tall Or maybe Being Sort of half ginger, Chameleon eyes and unpredictable We were lost In a fleeting second A potential memory Of...

ButcherBenji 11 Feb 2018 Tag: Black Stranger

A Sour Diesel

A flesh machine on mind control facing the spike details of a hike dismay. Born to shine upon wound-ed life by counting scale or wing held tight to my lungs. A secret trust in the garden crust or a skin of significant numbers & letters and an ageless rate of...

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