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carlosjackal 29 Mar 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A A Junk State Of Mind

60 musings of a graffiti junk mind on edge producing beautiful twisted images to delight, shock and bring wry smiles to those who venture through this vivid patchwork tapestry. http://www.lulu.com/shop/carl-denyer/a-junk-state-of-mind/paperback/product-23090310.html If anyone wants...

saintedmad 27 Mar 2017 Tag: mojo

A slackjaw

.. the man with no hunger and some sunday girl without meat; standing. still. on the edge of a sinking front stoop, soaping bodies. collections. she is bound for dead. her hair a grey bruise. all the other voices are only god leaving her behind. she should be baptized at least....

saintedmad 17 Mar 2017 Tag: l'ecriture

A in the absence of casual divinity

rough nothing is like me, but the sun burning coldly; an afternoon spent in despondent silence, a brilliant curse muttered in the beginning of the bed. of course, i remember everything with audacious colour and i think i climbed over you to get to the place where no one else...

Atakti 12 Mar 2017 Tag: Dark

A The Hills Lie

The past grows bony fingers that stretch and cast an ice shadow lingering on my throat. The creeping chill was seeded seasons ago in my rush through frosted daffodils, swaying defiant and brush-stroked in vibrancy. Impatience fluttered its winking white wings, enticed me further in,...

Atakti 12 Mar 2017 Tag: Dark

A Mercy After

Death is a woman. She cuts from the cloth of time the shroud of kings and waits counting each grain, each day until the last one falls. Hourglass curves flow, a granular avalanche. Whose eyes watch them? While steel blades swing and ropes bind and pull, men roar, the blood pours...

Atakti 12 Mar 2017 Tag: Dark

A Rush

Scarlet, scarlet, it was a scarlet hour... The rushing recedes, leaves me bitten by the workings of my teeth and lips. Regrets leak through my palms. I raise my chin, facing the children that sprung from the scarlet hour.

saintedmad 10 Mar 2017 Tag: dreamstate

A sudden nightwishing

while i sleep, these girls move from their walls, climbing away and they play at clothes. their toes soft and quiet in the grey night; not a sound while they kiss, fragile lips drinking cupping raw silent water and circling with kitten fingers the red stars.. . and then the...

saintedmad 26 Feb 2017 Tag: Deciduous

A overture: the fifth lovecraftian life

blasphemous. inevitable. she knows words that create a stumbling orphan, awake at her first funeral and who was she besides the thud under a fist. the worldslows at his third elegy he tells her how. to not fight about small things because they eventually bloom bigger, like...

carlosjackal 26 Feb 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Maybe One Day This Will Be Our Culture

Ignorance beyond ignorance History has lead us to this point Narcissistic clown tears down the veil And suddenly then we take notice and protest Kissinger still has a lot to answer for But he's looking like a barrel of laughs Compared to this asylum show It's so hard not to be the arsehole...

after hours
after hours 20 Feb 2017 Tag: bereaved fiction

A pretending glaucoma

Severed words they limp from our mouths ..like war . & still your tide moves like constants inside of me . Before you i had learned to fracture ..to peter the wind according to yours, yet always you left me...

carlosjackal 14 Feb 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A The Character Assassin

One by one with slow deletion All facets and dimensions destroyed Lofty praise frazzling creative cortexes Those who praise become the hunted The shadows whisper whereabouts The crypts of stories untold piled high Chain smoking page sneerer scores another There will be no laughter or...

Ascian 12 Feb 2017 Tag: restlessness

A Figurehead

Figurehead, 2011. Starboard, bow-perched on seaward vessel, fixated: motions of rocking waves. The familiar shock-chilled salt spray sting, scents in liquid crushed shells, glasswater and life. Fingers clasped to air... This is the chanced threat of falling from cliffs that I live...

saintedmad 10 Feb 2017 Tag: l'ecriture

A the fever in a scythe girl

in some field where i love and kill, i bury my hands in dirt. there is nothing to say but so much to feel. the sunflowers lower their holyheavy heads with me, in pretty mimicry. giggling. dying. i am so full of swifts [watch now] and crows [believe now] i could fall into...

magdalena 02 Feb 2017 Tag: personal

A Trespasser

He tipped me his tailored tongue gratified my mind with eloquent faltering the street light charmed his frame and dusted my eyes with warmth his vantage point lulled my prudence I imagined he could pull me inside out with those extravagant fingers his aura 'vintage and...

magdalena 29 Jan 2017 Tag: tribute

A Corinthian

blue lips spun from broken trinkets fallen upon the last piece of solid ground the web detached itself from her brittle limbs, mind, porcelain existence eyelashes sleeping in forever dreams where she escapes the torment that chased and when the bells chime on the night breeze, I know she will...

magdalena 29 Jan 2017 Tag: tribute

A Siriol

you cannot stretch her skin across the Universe in the hope that you can bruise her with your restless lips it's too late now the destruction in your gut has twisted you are your own war and she is too far removed from the battle. my war is quiet, more often these days...

magdalena 29 Jan 2017 Tag:

A something pretty

he was just a glimpse in her slightly tainted view her pill box begged for release and she shoved it deeper she wants a mountain top romance without the fucked up rules that make her close down every cell wanting to reach out, to him if she could put herself under his skin without feeling...

saintedmad 29 Jan 2017 Tag: personal

A gentle broken bones

they say the earth heals. but this is only for the beloved. i, in this gravel bed with raining hair; let me sleep. if i am so awful, allow me one equinox and send the dark to hush me. days and nights and cryings are no longer sacred. they are burdens they are lepers...

carlosjackal 22 Jan 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Fibonacci By The Nighttime Sea

moon bright tonight...

shadoe 22 Jan 2017 Tag: miscellaneous

A to the birds in your hair

iii. i birth another fragmented creation into the pith of a pomegranate & seal its stasis with seminal fluid. sepia seeds & your leavings bloom from my marrow, sprouting vine & leaf that never bear fruit ii. you filled the eyeless face with millstones & milliseconds & flyaway shards...

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