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Stryder 10 Jun 2014 Tag: Dark-Fantasy

A Insect Cameras & Bloodworm Melodramas

Ophion in the wanderlust of execrating mythologies snug in its caverns of teratological warmth. Held hostage in the creeping tower from a scatter-gun smock of swirling bandits - Rapunzel’s thick cables,...

Stryder 22 Jul 2013 Tag: Dark-Fantasy

A "Dreamfear"

Watching fear cross borders, claiming octroi on your dispossessed soul. Tasting electric eel kiss; sizzled supine swallowing dead voltage hiss: just a cobra with a crick in the nick of its throat – the venom of the...

Stryder 30 Jan 2013 Tag: Dark-Fantasy

A Angelfear

unfurling fingers of pink dahlias crushed like seedless dreams; from dragonpond routes to pods of glorious opal, out of reach beaming insects in the bubble...

Stryder 22 Jan 2013 Tag: Dark-Fantasy

A The Blood of Surrealism (Part II)

Caught your idle pace in a vat of zinc-stink such a day of slowness… Space-snails drawling on a snoom dragging their mucus-carcasses over pathogen carpets watching them carry mercurial castles...

Stryder 04 Jan 2013 Tag: Dark-Fantasy

A The Blood of Surrealism

“Art is a lie that allows us to see the truth” Pablo Picasso Monad in the evergreen – biotrophic mess of rancid eyeworm & jacinth confusion. Slither-art...

Stryder 31 Aug 2012 Tag: Dark-Fantasy

A What Time is it Mr. Wolf?!

Optic-meander in the tranquil hysteria of psycholight. With the slattern discourse of raging violent indigo. In the atrium-glow bending glassy-eyed darkness...

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