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tpu 23 Sep 2017 Tag: Dream

A The Dreamer, and the Deceiver.

+--+ There was once a time, I could rid, all I had gathered, and speak to the trees. To the wind, to the water to the sun, to the soil. I knew their names. . . . When the wind would sing, pines would sigh remembrance and the...

tpu 29 Oct 2015 Tag: Dream

A He Who Leaps the Flame.

Traveler take heed to these chilling refrains, of unhallowed deeds, an' fell spirits arcane. Few dare recall, nor tell what transpired that day when the sun took to the hills an' twilight had came. Crickets went silent an' clouds hid the moon away, the very moment our fathers spoke...

tpu 05 Aug 2014 Tag: Dream

A Not Unlike the Stars.

Stark. Bared pines dredge the sky scathing shores of cosmic light, not unlike the tides. ... Greying embers spark flames licking through pitch and tar, not unlike the stars.

tpu 17 Jul 2013 Tag: Dream

A The Infinite Aperture :: The Fields of Servitude.

+--+ ::The Infinite Aperture:: Beg, to glimpse. Spectral parallels of inertial frame, violent spiral, and infinite aperture. Refined and undefined. Cosmic massacre birth rites, swarming tinned suns in sepia sky and impenetrable void outlines. Eviscerating deity, into...

tpu 03 Jun 2013 Tag: Dream

A Still, I Wake.

I close. On dreams of open fields, an' mother's voice callin' the sun down o'er the hills. Whose smolder'd sky yields heaven's diamonds fallin' an' others blinkin', still. Therein fingers trace a map to ev'ry place. Eyes closed, I say: "To where solace waits." an' open...

tpu 09 Jul 2012 Tag: Dream

A Street Light Compass.

+--+ Brass street light tree top eight shadows cast on the clock eight hands north, chaos. +--+

tpu 10 May 2012 Tag: Dream

A Sleepwalk.

+--+ Black tide burns, autumn deciduous dream. Conscious returns, stormcloud grey and evergreen. +--+

Tenebrae 09 Mar 2012 Tag: Dream

A Gunpowder Hourglass

Gunpowder, and its finer sands are encroaching, approaching… Think outside the mind, for once, and move, even in inch long slivers, toward something, to grasp, and call your own. It’s there, cold steel, and a smoking barrel, slender enough to peer beyond dimensions and infiltrate...

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