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Baneframe 04 May 2012 Tag: Dystopian

A When God-Fearing Eyes Sink In

When you are beside yourself in multiples, domesticated by demons, and every bit of you is crucified upon your mood board - that is the moment that you begin to listen to the curtain with legs - The voices within the walls. You become convinced that compound breaking upon premotored...

Baneframe 09 Apr 2012 Tag: Dystopian

A Trapped in the Complex

We are trapped... In a complex made up with infinite stories. There is vacancy to expand, but not enough room to find comfort. I am disoriented between the chiaroscuro of simplicity. All light beats down with something left to be desired. And so the creeps skitter inside cooking up...

Baneframe 23 Sep 2011 Tag: Dystopian

A Wet Nurses of Bedlam

The meaning of life is a beauty that I can only fornicate with and leave enceinte with deformities. Its womb is fortified with socially constructed filth, and every thought therefrom is begotten into reality like a stillborn in a twisted cradle defying structural logic. They are the...

Baneframe 26 Aug 2011 Tag: Dystopian

A Fateful Phaseout

At one time, everything was alive. The meridians of the old world spanned the length of a neighborhood street. Chalk could dissect a concrete domain to reveal the realms that could flourish underneath the surface of all things. Colorful kingdoms reigned supreme in the most uninspired of...

Baneframe 23 Aug 2011 Tag: Dystopian

A Pop Cult Underground

Clique the icon, live like a parasite attached to a synthetic block head; A media mind set hosts a bloody pathetic entourage, shocking into stupefaction, sucking humanity out of ersatz archetypes. Warp amidst the dark waves transmitted through electronics and tabloid inklings; As if...

Baneframe 12 Aug 2011 Tag: Dystopian

A Metastasis of a Memetic Madworld

Neurons fire at each other balefully, like weapons emulating the semiotic warfare of a haywire matrix filled with electric folk art and volte faced hype beasts fused to their apparatuses, ruminating on pieces of mind, empowered by pseudo-latent bits. In this world, we may be innerved...

Baneframe 22 Jul 2011 Tag: Dystopian

A Perdition Behind Rosy Temples

It happened in the moment I saw a rat's nest behind an elders smile. I learned perdition exists somewhere behind all rosy temples, and grasped it like a cryogenic chamber of church mice. A coldpacked pantheon at critical mass. The pews creak under the weight of the unseen. I, too, am...

Baneframe 18 Jul 2011 Tag: Dystopian

A Capitalist Punishment

From beyond the remote, our families are force fed the human roadkill of our dislocated children, the loose-wadded feasts of optical sights, stomached daily. Uncle Sam dishes out before the slaughter, digs graves with a silver spoon under the table, and caters babies to wean from the...

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