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tpu 01 Nov 2018 Tag: Halloween

A The Grave of Gold Mountain.

+---+ "Legend been told, 'long as men been countin' 'bout many a fool. Comin' down to gold mountain. Diggin' up coal, gems, ore and oil fountains, 'yes, many a spoil. Hidin' down in the mountain. Dynamite blasts, picks and hammers poundin' tunnels and shafts. Deep down...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 01 Nov 2011 Tag: Halloween

A Masquerade

The candy isn’t sweet anymore. Not since you stole the boo out of our zoo, crucified it to your frazzled broom as if off to some heavenly oz you flew. I wanted to be your wizard. But I failed, like your God, failed to offer you a heaven without hell. I wanted to...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 08 Oct 2011 Tag: Halloween

A Autumnal Rite

In the simmering calm of the red-orange leaf firing a sinister moan for a hitherto moon, full throttle force sweats the night-skin; the sky is burned tattoo, inked in raven sign groaning out the sound of time with sensual might unknown to the sacrificial strength...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 07 Oct 2011 Tag: Halloween

A Autumnal

In the calm of the red-orange leaf firing against a blackened moon, in full throttle force the sky itself, a tattoo inked when slime became time and distorted the unknown to the tranquil strength of stone against stone; thrive upon the writhe, ravage the rage of lost and torn,...

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