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carlosjackal 31 Aug 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Naga's Revenge

Naga nags Gives the squeeze And I My friend Can barely Breathe! My mouth is struggling A sentence Please! Francesca Behind bar In tea towel Wheeze! As my face explodes With the hottest seas The day I pinned My hopes On a viper wing And a prayer

carlosjackal 31 Aug 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Spiders Three

Spiders three The same The loneliest one Struggling To build webs The other two Building Masterpieces Like they're working Together In harmony Yet Their distance Apart Told The truth About nature And I saw all three Made the perfect Equilateral Triangle

carlosjackal 10 Aug 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A K-Shrooming Glow In Dirty Good Times

wake up on an island empty suitcase post-storm cool breeze the clouds have other plans sun in sky working for alcohol guy hornbag devil man lambs in cougars' clothing blood withdrawal hole in wall caribbean cool consultant word sound engineering strange lady of...

carlosjackal 02 Jul 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Morning Cigarette

The smell of your morning cigarette so warm and so calming Another layer of ash as my heart stops to await embalming

carlosjackal 02 Jul 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A On Love Park Way

Patience comes to those who wait Trouble Maker Security stuck in the attic of your mind Eva Angel Christina painted in white on greenhouse paine lone wolf no patience for any man wounds heal memory serves painful reminders they wall the grave denial a thief in the night play Kate...

carlosjackal 29 Mar 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A A Junk State Of Mind

60 musings of a graffiti junk mind on edge producing beautiful twisted images to delight, shock and bring wry smiles to those who venture through this vivid patchwork tapestry. http://www.lulu.com/shop/carl-denyer/a-junk-state-of-mind/paperback/product-23090310.html If anyone wants...

carlosjackal 26 Feb 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Maybe One Day This Will Be Our Culture

Ignorance beyond ignorance History has lead us to this point Narcissistic clown tears down the veil And suddenly then we take notice and protest Kissinger still has a lot to answer for But he's looking like a barrel of laughs Compared to this asylum show It's so hard not to be the arsehole...

carlosjackal 14 Feb 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A The Character Assassin

One by one with slow deletion All facets and dimensions destroyed Lofty praise frazzling creative cortexes Those who praise become the hunted The shadows whisper whereabouts The crypts of stories untold piled high Chain smoking page sneerer scores another There will be no laughter or...

carlosjackal 22 Jan 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Fibonacci By The Nighttime Sea

moon bright tonight...

shadoe 22 Jan 2017 Tag: miscellaneous

A to the birds in your hair

iii. i birth another fragmented creation into the pith of a pomegranate & seal its stasis with seminal fluid. sepia seeds & your leavings bloom from my marrow, sprouting vine & leaf that never bear fruit ii. you filled the eyeless face with millstones & milliseconds & flyaway shards...

carlosjackal 11 Jan 2017 Tag: Miscellaneous

A January

Oh, January My blank page Let's start again Ethanol sugar Pulp cotton Cocoa Coffee Green and red And black, black, black Sunday blue skies 7 days after New Year 14 days 28 42 Valentine's can fuck itself Tuesdays are murder I'd kill for a drink A fairytale on terminal...

carlosjackal 14 Dec 2016 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Many Shades Of Wonder With A Shortcut To The Moon

From walking in silence Through the rain To doing her make up On the train An artist at seemingly Breakneck speed I'm just a witness To her reflection Clacking bag signals A change in weapon And brushstrokes Relaxes my mind Maybe one day I'll learn to apply And wear a face so...

carlosjackal 05 Dec 2016 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Poem #11

Wet winter leaves and the art of survival. Poem #11 wrapped up in Rachel tape. Stay away from the subject of broken hearts and torn sails and the reality that the tide prevails. Breathe and don't let shitbrain take over your thoughts. Shattered ego snarling onslaughts. The times are...

carlosjackal 13 Nov 2016 Tag: Miscellaneous

A A Snapshot Of A Head In Smithereens

When a bottle becomes like a broken promise My stoop ain't catching gold Even an honest man needs a solid plan Or at least that's what I'm told Living the score of many a trash movie A snapshot of a head in smithereens A cigarette hanging from my mouth As I ponder what life really means...

carlosjackal 05 Nov 2016 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Weird Interiors Are Never Weird When Explained...

Full Title: "Weird Interiors Are Never Weird When Explained By A Good Woman" A woman who can slow down time with one word, one look, one sip of her wine. " 'If they're selling it, it must be OK.' These are words no one should ever live by. Freedom's a sixth sense, a feeling...

carlosjackal 29 Oct 2016 Tag: Miscellaneous

A The Human Dynamic

The world a fantasy lived through our eyes, our touch, our experiences trying for a future that means something to all reality unfixed we bend and smash the rules shut down the media then start our own conversations may I start this one with you?

carlosjackal 27 Oct 2016 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Super Power Love

From a beggar to a king For you my heart sings I don't want comfort I aim to do well Streetlights in chorus Like a song in our minds An eyelash falls and a hush Stops the rain Irregular poets guided By our robot dancing shoes The sound of glass Chiming on pavement Things to...

carlosjackal 16 Oct 2016 Tag: Miscellaneous

A High Rise Horse With The Friday Flowers

Unnecessary agony and acting Like it's a fucking breeze An old fashioned idea Of what it is to be a man It's a shame she doesn't glow green A penny lent in a hurricane Drowning in a two horse city No amplifiers, drums or fire She's brushing her hair Outside in the sunshine It's a...

carlosjackal 18 Sep 2016 Tag: Miscellaneous

A The Beauty Of Living In Brighton

All cloud and no rain predicted over the coming days means there's a chance of sun.

carlosjackal 03 Sep 2016 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Majora George

dogged dog-eared under the bridge the bird shit and feathers sexy sinews snowflakes alive positive genius brilliance in every way Majora George moves and speaks, "Loneliness is the slowest killer." In love with her freak unique Her beauty is preposterous Laughing all the way to the...

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