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shadoe 22 Jan 2017 Tag: miscellaneous

A to the birds in your hair

iii. i birth another fragmented creation into the pith of a pomegranate & seal its stasis with seminal fluid. sepia seeds & your leavings bloom from my marrow, sprouting vine & leaf that never bear fruit ii. you filled the eyeless face with millstones & milliseconds & flyaway shards...

Gregorian 31 Dec 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Parlor Tricks

That suffocated song. That enigmatic chorea. That sleeping suffering. That is what you see when you frame me on your wall and remember the killing of time. Droplets on a wooden woman. A skin at your feet, brought by the terror of your insides. Do I sound unknown to you?...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 11 Sep 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A I Wrote Us (In Free Verse)

(I wrote us in free verse over every inch of your tattered surface ). you were the beatific grin of a kindergartener high off oxygen, mouth stretched wide as the entrance to hell, black tongue bleeding virtuous sin like ichor. (You taught me praying was for...

Gregorian 05 Sep 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Devil's Dreamer

Now and then, I feel thick. I think that this is when I knew you. I can not press you down without making your teeth bite. I wish not to breathe unless it is from your sharpness and from the way you squeeze nectar from the comeliest thatch, long dark. Water is calmer than...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 23 Jul 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Battle Cry

I write poetry to ghosts in my dreams awakening with ink stained sheets from nights I can't remember, meaningless phantom words upon my flesh. And this cigarette between my fingertips taunts me,"Hey baby, hey—catch me on fire and I'll burn you away." I laugh, hollow— unafraid of flames...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 08 Jul 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A What Is In A Name

josephine – dreamer-girl, barefoot-girl, you are the eldest of july's daughters and I can see you, like all the boys do; lying on your back on the dock with your eyes closed – long blonde hair trailing off into the water. You're a beauty, josephine, a soul-snatcher with a smile...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 19 Jun 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Across, a cross.

i like the things that go unspoken between you and me, like the night we spent on the beach lying cramped on a shitty, five-dollar walgreens towel with another frayed over us, and hearing the string of intoxicated teenagers walk by and say, look they're watching the stars at night. we...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 29 May 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A In Short

it's something you'll realise like an electrical fire and my god, it will hurt and you will smile because it hurt and that means it wasn't all a dream.

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 18 May 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A We'll Always Have Steinbeck

Iron my fingertips against the crease of the seam, and scrawl on the envelope an ambiguous address. When the last multi-hued string of our friendship bracelet frayed- peeled apart like uncoiled copper wires- Could have sworn I felt the wear with every fruitless search; you refuse to...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 30 Apr 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Upon Knowing

you are punctuating. i find myself asleep beside you not dreading the most singular transition between sleeping and sleeping alone until i am wrapped chrysalis in my own bed with too much space surrounding me i like thinking of how this is not a memory this is a moment that is...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 20 Apr 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Maybe IT's Weird, Maybe It's Beautiful

maybe it's weird or maybe it's beautiful but i picture every girl i might end up with taking photographs with me - here , we are at the beach by grey waters in the atlantic february ; here , we are all angles of bone & skin, just close enough to make something beautiful ; here ,...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 13 Apr 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A An Hour I Can Never Get Back

the light overhead fluorescent like that in a train station- millions of miles held in the same breath beneath the same roof- flutter in rolling hills sometimes like the moon and sometimes like the sun. it is like the day and night of you that i see- the day, so many more miles like...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 26 Mar 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Sleep And Dream

every ebb and flow swims like a memory, floundering or aching the way they do when sleep deems itself king of impossibility. (these are the times i wish you could love me long enough to remember, and dream.)

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 06 Mar 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A No Titles Today, Gents

it is three days until march falls again, false promises of spring kissing the air until it begins again for winter; three hours until i feel my heartbeat find its way into the oceans my blood spills, poetry, across porcelain and skin mirroring it; three minutes until i...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 12 Feb 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A A Note In My Pocket

how do i go about releasing a thin mark, an invisible fishing line, from a heart so unknowingly caught she calls me little until i feel my most near to human, a drum in my stomach with a tightening skin; my heart does not follow her song, but i feel her fingers tangle its...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 10 Feb 2012 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Love Poem

we are windows, made of glass and shattered in the old houses of our bodies. the wood of our fragile frames has been dismissed, extricated from their interlocking webwork, and pulled a thousand miles into the heat of North Carolina. I miss the weighted feathers of your hands,...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 14 Dec 2011 Tag: Miscellaneous

A In The Bones Of Me

my story was that love knew me, and i knew love; that we embraced, our limbs interwoven like the fabric of the universe. it has been two weeks, and i have two freckles like tooth marks right where you left a bruise, that last time i saw you, the last time i thought maybe you...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 16 Nov 2011 Tag: Miscellaneous

A The Day The Sun Never Rose

what do you do when your eyes are already opened and still, imprinted on your eyelids are scenes and thoughts and typographical imagery that are thick like blood, and enough to drive you to madness? i keep your secrets and even though my heart still breaks, my ongoing refusal to...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 24 Sep 2011 Tag: Miscellaneous

A She Spread Her Legs And Flew Away

She had cried rivers so deep and wild they had carved giant caverns throughout her soul in which she never considered traveling or planting roses to keep the lions at bay. There were dreams that frightened her nightmares that haunted her dreams, seduced upon her pillow,...

Painfully Dull
Painfully Dull 22 Sep 2011 Tag: Miscellaneous

A Mother

Mother sneaks into our cages, leathery with green and purple grins, stinking of plans and the penance that lies dormant in her magic scales (how they ripple as she creeps in sunshine down a slither-twig, flicking a jeweled tongue, weeding out the weaker of hell-bent suitors). She gutter...

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