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Stryder 30 Mar 2013 Tag: Satire

A Brainshock (In the Ayslum of Social Media)

Mnemonic shackles; rheumatic meltdown “sweating syntax on a juggernaut cascade” - such pretty poetry! A backfire in the exhaust of ‘couldn’t-care-less’ exurbia, the ‘bourgeoisie’ content… Then locked in a frowsty room – keyboard predator the gruff...

Stryder 20 Feb 2012 Tag: Satire

A Noisulli rorrim, yrteop drawkcab (Backward...

Nuisance the art gone sleeping, muse uncovered gob. Oracle gift in the faded eye, wink Dada Inside the sprung rhythms: formless lost static Stuttered to a crunched cog, a pointless wheel-jack Under my flat poetry talk, dreaming the claw Loosening syllables, lickspittle born agenda Lost gem...

Stryder 09 Dec 2011 Tag: Satire

A Dark Matter

Space-screamer; prism-raker Death-taker, galaxy faker Cosmic maelstrom; Whirlpool jettison Space-frontier; Andromeda’s tears Xenon-deceiver Magnetic believer Empty galaxy Nebula-insanity; Black hole profanity Creation’s ‘bang’ – The big expand Alien spawn, Universe born;...

Stryder 28 Jul 2011 Tag: Satire

A i made friends with a mad woman

Down behind the drab Tesco sifting through the crap of cardboard, sandwiched between the overturned trollies and the debris of the every day cast off like consumer jettison; I saw her, peering through the crusty slats of sickly coloured hair in her gabfest; her tattered gypsy wear of...

Stryder 27 Jul 2011 Tag: Satire

A "where does poetry go to die....?"

…and you can ‘see’ them…behind their oracular walls of silence slumped like marionettes; yet stringless little vampires sucking the lifeblood these parasites in poetry paradise. They fester in the feral junkyards of ‘dark places; the...

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