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roaringproductions 10 Apr 2015 Tag: Spiritual

A May Oppression End In All Forms

This world is broken We need more love Oppression is rampant Blocking out the sun Ignoring history Which sadly repeats How many lives Lost in madness How many sealing off Their shattered hearts To a loving God By their example And the many stones They have cast No More No More...

roaringproductions 31 Mar 2015 Tag: Spiritual

A Mercy

First I am insecure with anything new that I write. Thus due to my battle with cancer. So keep that in mind when you read this. I can be pretty harsh on myself. Knowing what I did before and than this stuff. Mercy Mercy by Jenny Hear my cries for mercy Mercy Won't you reign...

Tenebrae 19 Feb 2012 Tag: Spiritual

A Dreams in Fragments

Lullabies, just as delicate, as down and softer fabrics. Fabrics, cling to velveteen dreams like teddy bear catharsis. Catharsis, in truest blue October with the smell of autumn rain. Rainfall, a delightful white noise and whitewash to crystal umbrellas. Spoon fed the...

Tenebrae 24 Jan 2012 Tag: Spiritual

A Homesick for City Lights

Home is of the heart where it lingers by a thread, Fishing line and paper, choose to fall apart instead. Steel the soul with diamond and its evanescent glass. Embrace the downy whiteness, praying that the feelings pass. Find a patch of soil for the sowing seeds of time, and future...

Tenebrae 22 Jan 2012 Tag: Spiritual

A You Spoke from Beyond the Crosses

You came to speak in tones of nurturing lips, through plains, you spoke in tomes beyond the crosses. I came to hear and drink the arduous sips, of grief inlaid with stone and greener mosses. The down of wings and guardian angel tips, enlaced with knots of salt and sudden losses, Could rock...

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