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Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 15 Jul 2015 Tag: ask

A don

t he eve behind him is left naked so many exiles behind you now boxed in pages splintering into specs of space which wont receive your messages i love you

Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 16 Mar 2014 Tag: ask

A wrong

.. . wrong you pulling names which did not belong to you wrong you nailer branding each them to my tender dreaming obscuring the face from where the spit and scream was redesigning what i can no longer ... blocking the way either way wrong you were wrong you dicer blue dicer...

Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 24 Jan 2014 Tag: ask

A blind

.. . you smell jacketed and hair like me wet yet redder and taller much sometimes then bald like the blue sky a mountain with black framed glasses cracking continuing despite me of all that remains i found you once in a thin place out of my pen gradual rolling i ran you dry then...

Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 10 Mar 2013 Tag: ask

A towel

.: . if ive thrown the towel in . and did not realize it and the wind has blown it very far from my reach i was throwing the towel in for so much more than me the future ive seen is a blind pummeling bone crusher a bruiser as if there were never eyes in the sockets it...

Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 27 Jan 2012 Tag: ask

A thankful pit

when the locusts have eaten their share don't you dare don you dare when i'm shivering this naked don't come near don't touch . i don't got ears don't have enuff stitch now to stay now who hasn't had enuff then already? any one want a second or 7th round? i understand again...

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