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saintedmad 13 Dec 2016 Tag: blackening

A everything i am, i was not

.......................... i believed the heart small and dark. much like i saw the gift, of fists, of rage and bone; something to whet my knife. but i am walking now in whiteness you cannot see. in lovely danger of life. and had i a barrel to unload each morning, i would do so,...

saintedmad 25 Nov 2016 Tag: blackening

A spread over a sound, so holy

untouched. a hundred birds in the sun. clouds falling over their forms; there i am soundless as a sundress without wind. is the end this sudden? does it blacken your eyes or only your fingers as if to say you were never really beautiful at all silence is the pretense of apathy...

saintedmad 19 Sep 2016 Tag: blackening

A dehydra

. . and at last, the world is dark . . with it's religion and resplendence deeper than i can crawl, the shame of love's scent still sticky ...circling, crying, calling... groaning along the gravel road, grovel, moving a cross~ a shadow and a martyr's ghost, living. dead....

saintedmad 05 Jun 2015 Tag: blackening

A he was a murderer from the beginning

you swing from a beaded jesuit chain with a thin lavender smell and a black velvet premonition like a ribbon i once had sewn into my girlish places that you could pull tightly to you any time you ever wanted; and just beyond my throat, i can backwards yas say the mary magdalene...

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