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Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 10 Aug 2015 Tag: celebrate

A this river

:. the river has been flowing at least for more than half of my grown life .. i will not even refer to before grown.. why make mention of it. the river will turn to something more like a word the river doesn't know raging fully on i do recall asking "no.." demanding...

Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 21 Jan 2015 Tag: celebrate

A morning deux

.. . what will you do what will you do what will you do in the morning what will you do for you have gone black into the dew in the morning for we had walked out so long ago in the morning so long ago we had walked out so far led out into the dew and who was the...

Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 21 Dec 2014 Tag: celebrate

A my father

.. . he did not not know on his birthday back then when he had reached into himself into that blind place that it would take anchor and send off so far forward into some other place and become more than what he could not possibly have ever imagined .. . that he was...

Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 16 Jan 2014 Tag: celebrate

A small

.. . i like it here i don't want to be locked out not even for less than a a week and a half it is the exact opposite in a very similar way i am sure of being locked in your locker for a overly long period of time and noone knows not one of your friend's know not...

Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 22 Dec 2013 Tag: celebrate

A so that's what those are

.. . number 10. a med drill may be used to make burr holes in the place of the skull a special saw may be used to care ful careful careful cut  dizzy inaudibles reading that far down words our dreams popped backward like an ear into itself upon the cement and then one day watch...

Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 06 Mar 2012 Tag: celebrate

A red hand unicirc'e

there were lines but in circles drawn unquick and yet so quenched unfisted tho she is barely there now not then she should not go so she does not she is slow-buzzeling again as was written sung out not even in her own half mute and huge over the exit sign now caught a quiver in her...

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