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Ein Soph
Ein Soph 16 Feb 2013 Tag: contemplative

A a genealogy of martyrdom

There’s a reason why Valentine’s Day is a day to remember martyrs, and so witnessed by the observant in an exchange of words inscribed on make believe hearts. A reason why we kneel... why knees are beaten by submission under flowers that beautify our loves in ritualistic...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 26 Jan 2013 Tag: contemplative

A surface lurker

When one lays tile, it’s a rather simple task… sticking the hard against the soft then watching it turn hard, too. Filling the gaps with a creamy thickness that swallows up the air filling the spaces between surfaces. Knowing that there’s gonna be something pretty beneath the...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 05 Jan 2013 Tag: contemplative

A Whip-poor-will

Multifarious stains streak the pitch and ebb of my midnight comforter, soiling another twilight, another dawn, with pale splotches of lunacy rising just to fall coming just to go like conversations without meaning… words without feeling… “The most...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 22 Oct 2011 Tag: contemplative

A metempsychosis

“Ah, Pythagoras’ metempsychosis, were that true this soul should fly from me, and I be chang’d unto some brutish beast” Marlowe, Faustus. Were it that I a beast of your burdens, the wretched to take upon shoulders every daunting task and weighted day encountering you with...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 02 Oct 2011 Tag: contemplative

A Carriage

No angel blood taints the ground around me no ripped wings, no broken halos… no heaven sent tears beyond that slow moving low…. No. Hyperbole escapes me….. There are only signs and symbols little flecks of meaning we shine In our imaginary moonshineries We find the...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 01 Oct 2011 Tag: contemplative

A Godheed

Splayed on a sky bed, She drools for death under me, slow moon glistening along horizon lips... to juice Her ripe apple against my roaring tree; slither a proud horn inside Her, and sacrifice a glorious firestorm for a warm, sobbing myth.

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 26 Sep 2011 Tag: contemplative

A erasure

I wish I could write myself away every attempt at poetry, every word and rhyme every rational effort to express what it is to exist; are these not attempts at erasure? If I can just get this life out of me purge myself of all this… this… This damp and dire living; If I could only...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 14 Sep 2011 Tag: contemplative

A secrets

I have secrets; clear liquid ones, flowery verdant ones, cold navy steel ones, little round cream ones, I keep in quiet places where no one goes. When the world has wound its weary sun-stained ribbons about the last vestiges of a pedophile’s darkening smile, and...

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