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Ein Soph
Ein Soph 04 Aug 2012 Tag: death

A burrville

This isn’t a poem; I wouldn’t do that to you. Not now. No rhyme can make this reason easy: “invincible while young… but the option of tomorrow don’t look so good…” Sorry, man. I don’t facebook. But I know what you saw when you posted that....

Darkskies 09 Mar 2012 Tag: death

A Fragments

Fragments, A Screaming Vision, stopped abruptly. Blank stares. Pale face, Reflected in a pool of blood. Broken glass shines like glitter sprinkled on a lush red stillness. Starry eyes, so deep with color, her gaze fixed towards the doorway.

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 11 Sep 2011 Tag: death

A flowers of fate

I have lived too long; all paths converge in open field, yawning their surrender into twilight sky, like a dog in a love song: The yellow fog of Eliot in "Prufrock;" I've come to the clearing much too late, and curl upon withered wild flowers called fate.

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