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Evil 17 Jul 2013 Tag: default

A next to break.

some nights i sift through ruins. cradle my own head. dismiss the never-ending sound of settling. you are several different kinds of chaos splitting me infinitely. forever turning me inside out. and this time i'd rather run away than face every truth i can...

Evil 22 Jul 2012 Tag: default

A calm.

i've stock piled leather bound brain books of life experience encyclopedia of how to survive. beat the tide a thousand times. and i am tired. tried. several shades of longing. for the crook of your neck. rough hands on the harsh bark of my caustic ego. attaining...

Evil 15 Mar 2012 Tag: default

A damaging.

i am every shade of regret. the darkest hues settled on my cheeks. worried shadows. black circles. and if you look into my eyes you can see my brain is in knots trying not to forget, but only wanting to.

Evil 06 Mar 2012 Tag: default

A slow inferno.

and i ran. to burn these words into the ground. alone in my head forever.and.always. a lighthouse. flickering. waiting to put out the fire. to breathe in without choking on irony. and the longer i let my imagination do all the talking.. the more difficult to endure....

Evil 23 Jan 2012 Tag: default

A we trip on a crucifix.

we lick disaster off our skin and flick the needle twice more.. tap the hollow ground as we find the angle quickest for flight. spinning on this carousel of diversion.. and crashing. burning out. sinister like sleeping dogs in the heat of night. phantoms dance circles around our...

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