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Ein Soph
Ein Soph 07 Aug 2012 Tag: depression

A dangles

we all hang by hopes... and claw at our minds like fleshly throbbing drones, reverberating growls, dragging gravel-abraded god-corpses, and grinding smiling stones into the earth, scraping up soil in demonic ecstasy while spewing orgasmic...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 12 Jul 2012 Tag: depression

A how tragedy breeds

There is tragedy here.. Born of lacerated knees, abraded palms that bleed, born of cries from bicycle-spilled pigtails driveway shocked in the after-school gravel sun. and born by yellowed photos, unearthed bequeathingly, photos of once-life divorced into attic-death black-white...

GhettoZombie 03 Mar 2012 Tag: Depression

A Taken For Granted

To grow and evolve Tests the threshold Revisiting the same spots Looking for an answer to a query Asked yet never sufficiently answered At this juncture Air is absorbed Sitting under a tree Possibly one similar to Biblical varieties Wondering if there are aspects of my life I continue...

GhettoZombie 20 Jan 2012 Tag: Depression

A Asphalt Gray

Within the pavement seeps my sorrow Through these cracks flow all my pain All this guilt is hard to swallow Wishing tears be masked by rain Finding solace in the grayness In reflections of the glass Broken into shards so heinous Hoping all of this will pass All my colors have been...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 14 Sep 2011 Tag: depression

A screeching day

There are days when every little bit of beauty stirs a gravel pit of soul-pain I can’t describe, and every slow breath I take waters the world spilling around my eyes. Times, when I can’t raise my head I can’t bear to look towards the sky. As if it could hear my thoughts as...

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