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Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 17 Oct 2015 Tag: intention

A convoy

:. . draw the line if i it is mine i became the division out where i am so sorry if you must pay a tax to cross it is to cross me what i have become behind there between it all and i am so sorry look… something on the horizon id become so hungry. we...

Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 13 Mar 2015 Tag: intention

A terminal

:. if i say i d o not want the axe with my mouth covered i am a liar and a liar twice against the truth eternal which is forever if i say i do not want to grow i am left a stone dead trunk with long lengths of shale crumbling down upon something higher than i and lower than...

Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 19 Dec 2014 Tag: intention

A this is why

. .. build for one more footstep and watch the last step slip away this like half cry half yells between two cars in a garage which would be foreclosed upon and that woman who let the yeller stay in that house gave her the remaining couch which she dragged from living...

Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 21 Mar 2014 Tag: intention

A tell noman

:. tell no on e tell noone tellno onetell noone volcona obsiddyan us petrified around tiller lapse not jhett et un lapse not etun be lapse not this line tell noman tell no tell noman der dont expose uncovered hideout long-ago weaving nakedness from strangers'...

Ramsie Shick
Ramsie Shick 18 Mar 2014 Tag: intention

A revamp the plans

.. . hush that frantic noise , get to the correct apothem carry yu cycler and move the stuard.t here will remove each and all your eyes fromme me oh vicktor you just as squeaky so put the magazines down. i told you it was a quaint sir jury for 2 long before the...

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