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Miss Dahlia
Miss Dahlia 31 Dec 2017 Tag: love

A a memo about matrimony

There will be nights where you feel like your love is a crumbling artifact, a memento of time before children, before bills, before the rent was so high that it rivaled your anxieties about money; they will come when your husband falls asleep on the couch and does not come to bed. They will...

Miss Dahlia
Miss Dahlia 31 Dec 2017 Tag: love

A postpartum magic

When your husband tells you that your postpartum body is still beautiful, even more beautiful because of how you sacrificed yourself for the bundle of blankets laying and laughing between you on your bed, do not cut him off, do not chop down his words. He is...

Kristie Leigh Pilkinton
Kristie Leigh Pilkinton 26 Aug 2016 Tag: love

A like a safehaven of warmth in a snowstorm

"like a safehaven of warmth in a snowstorm" is that destiny dew on your lips or the satin honey drip of next summer's suicide? your eyes and your mouth contradict one another while your body's just along for the ride i wish i had known you when my shoulders were brown and freckled...

Kristie Leigh Pilkinton
Kristie Leigh Pilkinton 08 Apr 2015 Tag: love

A the love of which i can barely speak

i know you 1. dream of my lips, shaping the sound of your name in the crook of your neck 2. sense where i have fallen to flushed knees praying to a god that is dead to me for a wrist to hold to my flustered cheek, one that is not mine to keep 3. feel me tugging at hand,...

Kristie Leigh Pilkinton
Kristie Leigh Pilkinton 06 Apr 2015 Tag: love

A grumpy teddy bear wizard

grumpy teddy bear wizard dear mr. groundhog, you and peter pan taught me the importance of shadows their fickle nature and most importantly, that mother nature kneels to no one if thimbles are kisses, the sun will rise regardless i'll trace your lips with an...

ButcherBenji 10 Sep 2013 Tag: Love

A Catfish

A leap on the sleep of fool or legend, a delving depth to the undeath due, a debt of dark rings my cliffside Sun & receiving keen is my killing dream. As I'm drowning free I'll split the indifference & you'll spit your heads off a bank of stars by the...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 23 Feb 2013 Tag: love

A the depth of dimples

Each ocean’s floor shakes, buckles and then erupts when Her smile ripples.

Baneframe 05 Jan 2013 Tag: Love

A Sui Generis

We have been before, rara avis, of homogenous beauties and other-worldliness. The elements of a special bond sealed within a realm of possibility, we were intuitions lodestars, unraveling resplendent ray paths that draw to each other; spun with the twists and turns of perpetual generation;...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 06 Aug 2012 Tag: love

A a candle to you

to be close to you is to be the oil on your skin... the heat within the flame on top and the glow after... I could never hold

GhettoZombie 16 May 2012 Tag: Love

A Stalagmite (Paradelle)

Edit "Stalagmite (Paradelle)" by Jack Freedman on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at 1:30pm · Cataleptic, still and sullen face Cataleptic, still and sullen face Frozen to the point of stalagmite tears Frozen to the point of stalagmite tears Stalagmites point to frozen tears Sullen...

Kristie Leigh Pilkinton
Kristie Leigh Pilkinton 18 Apr 2012 Tag: love

A toothless wandering souls

i have known and traced with crying fingertips a different moon in each of my lover's arms but my favorite the one that hurts the most as it opens within my breast, like a swallowed atlantis spilling my flesh warm india chest of its buried secrets a ship wreck graveyard, torn wings in my...

Tenebrae 01 Mar 2012 Tag: Love

A Pastel Pink Fluorescence

The way fluorescence, pools in the bowl of your eyes, is bliss, delivered ceramic. Must be hypnotism, twice the witching hour, and potent oleander brew. Pastel, pink as the flesh, when tender newborns, and your name of the East shall be bottled, and coveted. You won’t be...

Kristie Leigh Pilkinton
Kristie Leigh Pilkinton 21 Feb 2012 Tag: love

A invisible friend

When I was eleven years old, I was institutionalized for the first time for seeing things that no one else could see. They used to scare me keep me awake at night the blood that would rise from my pores in pools and leave me emptier somehow the doctors placed me in their big plastic...

Miss Dahlia
Miss Dahlia 20 Jan 2012 Tag: love

A winterbones/summerskin

i. I am winterbones and unsure hands eyelashes painted black and poem pieces like paper maché smile-shy and secret-colored eyes lips like loneliness. I am broken words and snowflake skin, fragile thoughts past 3 a.m. and freckles that dot my nose like dust spots. I was made for you...

Miss Dahlia
Miss Dahlia 20 Jan 2012 Tag: love

A and pieces.

i. I just want a ribcage full of thistle, a handful of brambles caught up in my hair; want to run wild, my heart beating and aching as a hummingbird’s love song want to tell the stars that they can’t fall hard enough, or fast enough to fade unnoticed. I want breaking mornings,...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 27 Sep 2011 Tag: love

A White Rose

I have a canvas she oils me sweetly, a white rose in each eye… Wishing words neatly scribed settling in behind… Painted in full bloom a wet, wonder-swelled swoon of oil curled in colours spooned in petaled perfection, details dipped in Eden seduction, folds of tender...

Ein Soph
Ein Soph 26 Sep 2011 Tag: love

A My Coffee

You are the soft taste of wakefulness, the rise in my refreshment every morn; Shweets. You are my sugar, you pour wild into me, alighting my tongue to your honeyed flavoring; Slow dancing spring-like on taste buds in soft swirls, lazily circling; you slip along my mouth, warmly teasing...

Kristie Leigh Pilkinton
Kristie Leigh Pilkinton 18 Sep 2011 Tag: love

A once i found heaven in your blues

i could trace the constellations of your scars for hours watching the sky faint and blue in the cracks of you midnight is sucking the baby rose blood from your legs it has moved to your torso your ribs like a goldfish pressing its lips to glass replacing its frailty with sparrows...

Kristie Leigh Pilkinton
Kristie Leigh Pilkinton 09 Aug 2011 Tag: love

A The ugly duckling

Once I woke this morning, I was careful not to disturb the silver-lined clouds drifting along-side my pillow and beneath morning petals dew lingers I could only taste your name tattooed over my lips for the sake of all things graceful. If you might love me but...

Kristie Leigh Pilkinton
Kristie Leigh Pilkinton 09 Aug 2011 Tag: love

A Love affair with the ceiling

I slept with my back to the wall, so I might catch backwards glances at you without your noticing, and it fascinated me, tirelessly your face became the silver moon swallowed by the crooked shadows between my fingers, and depending on how close I pressed your cheek to...

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