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saintedmad 09 Jan 2018 Tag: personal

A ancrene wisse

to finalise it, my fingers shake. i knew i was something where humans kiss and do not.... never again shall i resemble everything.. the rapid inconsequence of no words wears my skin. i imagine you can see my skull by now and i move with stories of flowers found headless. what...

magdalena 01 Sep 2017 Tag: personal

A catch me never

I'm clairvoyant to your billionaire lips the hoax is your tongue against my starfish lifelines you burn me with moonbeams you're a swindler, a lord chalk fresh and glitter warmth I'm the fumbling rebel the fizz when the rain falls against my heated flesh...

magdalena 02 Feb 2017 Tag: personal

A Trespasser

He tipped me his tailored tongue gratified my mind with eloquent faltering the street light charmed his frame and dusted my eyes with warmth his vantage point lulled my prudence I imagined he could pull me inside out with those extravagant fingers his aura 'vintage and...

saintedmad 29 Jan 2017 Tag: personal

A gentle broken bones

they say the earth heals. but this is only for the beloved. i, in this gravel bed with raining hair; let me sleep. if i am so awful, allow me one equinox and send the dark to hush me. days and nights and cryings are no longer sacred. they are burdens they are lepers...

saintedmad 02 Nov 2015 Tag: personal

A manic circling crying silence

there is no heaven. just the earth who will wring her longing neck to take one last look at where your hands, in nebulous promise, held no moon, like an imperfect me.

saintedmad 14 Sep 2015 Tag: personal

A long ago was a beautiful word

i'd really love to kiss the thing you are i cannot stop from watching, or from flailing. girl before and after, but i was a girl. somewhere down, in, there, she suicided, most likely from your fingers, and she probably made that sound i stutter soft to close your eyes. carnage...

saintedmad 05 May 2015 Tag: personal

A "that which was torn of beasts i brought not...

close: "i bare the loss of it" the brightest thing in the sky is beautifully dead. i nightwatch for a most needed resurrection. i found you extraordinarily ferocious and i uncovered, the white skin of being a girl, so warm, so hot, and the moon made me look like i might....

saintedmad 15 Apr 2015 Tag: personal

A drapetomania

the only thing i ever loved about summer was the stillness before the storms. the white chairs in the prairie grass held iron flowers and brown gardens and a few spider songs. and i watched the girls that never sweat at all stick out their tongues at grown men, and if you...

saintedmad 08 Apr 2015 Tag: personal

A violence so sticky

a girl trembling with nothing left. i need to annihilate her, know the ending on my tongue. make her behave. the world seems so impoverished with fever that it closes my eyes; my stars align like good little girls giggling about the blood of everything they are about to...

saintedmad 04 Mar 2015 Tag: personal

A blood: a somniloquy

ex and cruciate. do not write these things. kiss the disfigurement that cowers me. bound to watch you through my fingers, ten once beautiful prayers to count on. when i prayed. look at the mess. when a girl loses, i think this is? Blood?Faith? taped to the ceiling, then, is her...

saintedmad 24 Oct 2014 Tag: personal

A bezalel, come here child

flesh : a conspiracy of three-winged moths. this indistinguishable figure still loving and these felt fingers feeling everything: the pink dead drizzle of want, the drop of grey life barely gasping, the malformed moons and moans, and the silent roam of rock creatures, the ones who cannot...

saintedmad 02 Oct 2014 Tag: personal

A without so much as a blade of grass to kill myself

bloom. hard. through the cage, i've caked on my soul for eating; your prayers sky themselves:: mine unearth black moons. two orbs long wet. suffer then the soft soil, the lithograph girl on my bed and the box child, the heart-held. lily~breast~lions and this is where...

Stryder 04 Oct 2013 Tag: Personal

A Paper Heart

You must have thought I had a paper heart. You took a lighter & ignited the flame with cruel thumb. You pointed that flame (Without hesitation) At me With your paper-tiger scorn. But, You didn't realise I would never burn

saintedmad 21 Jul 2013 Tag: personal

A sweetening thorn

the girl in me cries. sing me to deepest sleep with your soft mouth for a pillow and bleed from me the art of all the red daisies... ..this warm belly slow burns and i arise torn from the flood; noah's girl threatening to fling herself. does the center of your gravity float...

saintedmad 11 Aug 2011 Tag: personal

A her and a warm march

skin and bones, we smile. what dragons are to be vanquished in a sin not so. but sewn into the fabric like dutiful maidens. ......and when i open the books, love letters are sure to fall out and onto your lap. we were never built for this, this dwindling. ... .... .....

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