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Ascian 12 Feb 2017 Tag: restlessness

A Figurehead

Figurehead, 2011. Starboard, bow-perched on seaward vessel, fixated: motions of rocking waves. The familiar shock-chilled salt spray sting, scents in liquid crushed shells, glasswater and life. Fingers clasped to air... This is the chanced threat of falling from cliffs that I live...

Ascian 13 Dec 2016 Tag: restlessness

A crowtalk

...howling, as ever... The lunar tides within call out; each tiny moon individuated by a myth, red as self: To be unveiled possibility admist such laughing scorn is terrifying; I must run from this vulnerability. My escape will be a thing of extremes: Whisper.drawn to the long...

Ascian 26 Nov 2013 Tag: restlessness

A brazen

..feeling more... waif than woman these nights, returning to my shore. Seasonal-held in Cambrian rhythms; seafoaming at the bite, rending vocal'd chordata, leaving only siren screaming, speech stones - more mineral than grey. becoming these horses - roaring out of waves, thunder'd...

Ascian 22 Sep 2013 Tag: restlessness

A xii. the hanged woman

reaper.. ... . I am naked in the face of you. a savage grace was born within when you salt.rushed my fields with your desire, cut my hair and hung it upon your trophy-wall. I still fear the scythe that gripped my neck that watched me, slithering malicious strip for bathing. yet...

Ascian 05 Jul 2013 Tag: restlessness

A osseous

I've always wanted to be a saber-toothed cat. I run around with my little tape measure, my caliper, and my keen curiosity, examining my lineage going back millions of years. I have traced the eye-sockets of my ancestors. Run my fingers along the sagittal crests, felt the teeth of my...

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