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saintedmad 05 Apr 2016 Tag: sacrisancti

A deciduous woman

lonelier sound than i, shaped like a long song; have you ever seen me sweating, wearing fire? the owls scream, searching for love. each night, the noise awakens death, in the same manner sex wounds. there are feathers left on sacred ground; for the other. gentle grief to be within and...

saintedmad 16 Mar 2016 Tag: sacrisancti

A in the dark, i create a God patch

you see, the prayers of everything were too heavy, so i drowned them to the water; they glistened like saints. .keening soft covenants shining; i cried on too tightly, so maybe the quiet now is punishment. did i ever assure you, or myself, that i was real? let me number the deaths...

saintedmad 11 Oct 2014 Tag: sacrisancti

A dissecting a morning, wings out

involuntary lover. you will take me to the river and i will drown....Lord, a summer massacre whispers..... gushing gutted ghost, and i believe i will float up from the dead, the last remaining sweet blood screams no reason just a gift for the entombed. doomed wandering...

saintedmad 01 Jul 2014 Tag: sacrisancti

A mourants: for memnoc

she imagines her hand is a spider. and there are five tongues unspoken. how do you know it is just a dream? she is wearing hand.me.downs. . . .because you wouldn't recognize her, and in a hundred years, will you? still be burning? the small breath between deaths and violent...

saintedmad 12 Mar 2013 Tag: sacrisancti

A to dwarf a star and die roses.................

down to only red stars. my sun.un.dressed at your eyes trying to sing me to sleep and i keep crying about being some woman when i want to yank creation up to my chin and be the girl who is a whole world. celestine, over and over as if i, like nebulae, can die out,rightoutloud.....

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