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saintedmad 08 Jul 2018 Tag: unpoetry

A middlesex

just a leaf on the street trembling, but i undo myself. i most likely should conjure this in third person to make it seem less disturbing, but, i am bloodletting you know there is some blurry psychosis in which i feel comfort able. my poetic emptiness can wait. the very...

saintedmad 27 Jul 2016 Tag: unpoetry

A the sudden stop of songbirds

when i hear you, i stumble dark out of dream. some saviour. i am among the thick shafts of white thistles and weeds, up to my throat, and i hear you like a sudden death; sing, sing to me soon because i have never been so cold when i sleep. so i am broken. so you are hidden. and still...

saintedmad 22 Apr 2015 Tag: unpoetry

A i, the whorizon _

. when i climb the sky and find him gone, i choke myself . if i could make him lick the honeysuckle from my sounds; cut him out of sticky photographs, push his mouth to another foamy skol, drink the good girl that was once taken for a mistress. he rests his head on the belly of a...

saintedmad 04 Dec 2014 Tag: unpoetry

A scandinavia

i recall math was boring and i sat staring at saints as if i would, through osmosis, become remarkable. maybe glow with some sort of rustling power i did not yet possess and never would but i did not know that then. i did not yet lack faith. perhaps i was beautiful before? perhaps my...

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