in limbo.
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genocide pony 6 years, 7 months ago New Comment

Delicate and precious ..a gorgeous capture :)

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ness 6 years, 7 months ago New Comment

love the theme [you know this though already]....cemetery, angel/fallen, the quiet repose of black and white. ....
all this said, the capture makes me feel small. anmd unsettled. the face down angel vs the cherub missing a winged appendage. it's like silent hurt. ...
the snow in the background [it IS snow?] makes it feel cold and yet maybe spring is coming....
the grave tilting, allowing for flowers. ...
i imagine a dandelion will grow through the scar on the cherub...and the angel will shift from an uprising root to rest with her eyes on the sky. ..
your images have always made me think things.
feel things.


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in limbo.

kandice bush
USA - Washington (WA)

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