she was here
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ButcherBenji 1 year, 11 months ago New Comment

It may seem like a rather macabre pastime to the uninitiated but truth be told I'd be kind of flattered if my grave were to be of interest to some artist a hundred-plus years from now. It will probably happen to most of the artists here some day. And they will stand over you all and wonder aloud about your bones and pray for your eternal souls. It is a positive for people to be able to feel empathy for someone from a more tragic time (which is what the past always is, a least the recent past). As for myself, I foresee a different fate for my own cadaver: a donation to the Anatomy Gifts Registry as a tool for forensic training & research. I'm machinating here...bear with me: I hope to be staring up at the sky for a few months before my decomposition is found by future investigators. I'm not comfortable with the official process these days...death has become a racket. Give me to science, please!

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she was here

USA - Texas (TX)

in an unmarked grave, please. . i should have never been allowed to be anything  more than a child .
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