The Abandoned Tree Farm
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admin 4 weeks, 1 day ago New Comment

My camera does not do this place any justice. I really need a wider shot to capture the true essnce of the old tree farm. This area is not on my hike, but on the winding country road on the way TO my place, where my hikes always begin. This property belongs to one of those survivalist guys who lives in a bunker. No telling what kind of arsenal/frame of mind this guy may be in at any given moment so it is best to never be seen here. The best way to appreciate the ol tree farm is to journey there by road, on foot, on a clear, moonlit night. Only stone cold ninjas need apply. There be fringe folk about. Many of them with night vision goggles, assault rifles and half-cocked notions. I only wish I could convey the atmosphere of this place in a photograph. It has inspired poetry.

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The Abandoned Tree Farm

USA - Virginia (VA)

Each morning, a missionary advertises neon sign He tells the native population that civilization is fine And three educated savages holler from a bamboo tree That civilization is a thing for me...
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