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ButcherBenji 1 year, 3 months ago New Comment

Here's a poorly written article on the supposed "ghost story" attached to the tunnels. Cliche stuff, really. But NOW the tunnels have a REAL spirit to contend with. That spirit being me, of course. And so now it's gone from cliche spook story to full-on Robert Aickman yarn lol

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ness 1 year, 3 months ago New Comment

talk about your wormholes and rabbitholes~
this dark passage offers no assurances. again, where are you wandering? these kind of images and places are immensely storied arent they......

and all those angles and claustrophobic vignettes combined with that circular vortex overhead illuminated so blue....

excellent photo.
most fine indeed....

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1 year, 3 months ago

These are the fabled steam tunnels so I guess they are a bit storied. I've been exploring them for a few years now. Most people are sketchy about such environments but I actually get this weird peaceful feeling when I walk thru there on occasion. You can walk from one end of campus to the other entirely underground and I've done so several times. It's not the atmosphere one might's insufferably hot and dark, and no need to fear cockroaches. Only cockroaches you'll find down there are corpses. It's too inhospitable for cockroaches. Beware! Sometimes I need to take a leisurely stroll thru a dystopian hellscape, ya know, to clear my mind. There is a ghost story involved here, but I've never had any paranormal experiences down there. My favorite sections are of course the mostly abandoned, mostly unused (and thus far cooler) sections. You have to count on natural light from the circular openings above, like in these two shots.

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