Mai Shiranui
© illustrated by Jack M...., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Mai Shiranui

By GhettoZombie
USA - New York (NY)

I am a proletarian prince knighted and then excommunicated from royalty, only to spit in the face of the king and ride away. I am a rogue with the piercing glance of a cyclops and the ferocity of...
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Painfully Dull 6 years, 11 months ago New Comment

This honestly could use a lot more work in the face and the structure of her body, but it is a rather decent start! Keep on drawing- practice makes perfect!

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genocide pony 7 years, 4 months ago New Comment

I was just about to google this chick when I had a look at your artists notes :P .. what's that she's holding ? nunchakus? She looks like she's on a mission :D .. Fire in her eyes

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