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A sudden nightwishing

saintedmad 10 Mar 2017 Tag: dreamstate 2 comments, leave your own..

while i sleep, 
these girls move from their walls,
climbing away

and they play at clothes.
their toes soft and quiet in the grey night;
not a sound while they kiss,
fragile lips drinking
cupping raw silent water
and circling with kitten fingers the red stars.. .

and then the paint fades.
shows white irises and hollow skeletal frames.

i painted them deeply.
i wished them startling.

i can never quite play at life
the same way they exist 
in the nude frothy moments
and i listen to them sipping
thimbles full of everything.

**one of them who looks like me
is so needful; she burns cold and pink.
possessed life under her breasts.
climbing the ground


Words: 119 / Updated: 10 Mar 2017 / © Copyright

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After_hours 1 year, 4 months ago New Comment

A little under whelmed by this one to be honest.
Take it as a compliment, when you set the bar sooo freak'n consistently, it's easy to come under scrutiny..cheers

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Asomatous 1 year, 4 months ago New Comment

As with all you do this is so soft. So respectful of its subjects. You show us that which is invisible to all but you, the artist's gift.
There is life of its own in what we create. Looking from the outside, the observer says "Look at what you did!" and the artist, demure, smiles, and cannot say the truth. No, I did not. It all births from somewhere, all of it. These girls live their lives and, when you harness that same plane, you can capture them. Sometimes, no matter how much we want to, we cannot, not completely. Maybe...sometimes it wants to be, and sometimes it obscures itself in the fog of a silent hill or the veil of a lover's four-post bed. A successful recreation is one where there are no bruised spots left; those places that we couldn't quite present precisely. I say we but I don't paint, and am awed by those who can.

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