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A dawn

saintedmad 14 May 2018 Tag: confession 2 comments, leave your own..

I hate 
that you called her

which means

i never really was.

Words: 13 / Updated: 14 May 2018 / © Copyright

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ButcherBenji 5 months, 3 weeks ago New Comment

Ah but the word "beautiful' is a conglomeration of words..."be you until full" aka "be YOU 'til full" aka "BEAUTIFUL" so the objective truth throws the logic here out of whack. The word didn't originate with "be her 'til full". Real eyes realize real lies :)

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carlosjackal 6 months, 1 day ago New Comment

What a horrible realisation. On the flipside, my view would be that the guy's a fucking idiot and wouldn't know true beauty if it squared him in the face :)

Then again that's typically the outsider's view looking in. Excuse my rambling :)

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