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saintedmad 25 May 2018 Tag: sacrosancti 2 comments, leave your own..

part 13:
the great swallowing begins here.
my first lesson-- how heavy hunger starves you out.
i watch 
the never again 
. ... 
the dead dance
in the wild darkness--
in the wanton emptiness---
do i dare stay inside eternity?
listen to me 
the sign 
of your eyes'

figure 8:
some girl exposes herself to a man who will not.
the blades are so dull--
my knees are sharp.
and angels shriek with wolves 
in hours of worship 
with nothing around for miles.
you must have been 
the god whose name is 
.i cannot recall the sound [i make],
perhaps pretty, perhaps petrified?
i know now,
does nothing.
               .i want
to tell you what it means to be human, love,
lost, thrown, down.................
would you walk with me 
in the long spears of light?
kiss my wool 
mouth, resurrect the skull and use it 
for promises. make me hole. 
make me water. sound of body, 
sounds of bodies.

half past 23:
[how to strike through this word?]
it never works
{{and i cannot form poetry enough to get rid of all these 
letters and lives and leavings and i have gotten to the part
of the world where the girl screams into her pillow 
or rips up her art or locks her car and pretends to die 
for a while just to see if any of this is heard by anyone but her, 
which of course, it isn't, or if it is, it is misconstrued as absurd 
at best and psychotic at worst and she simply goes on living.}}

....then all those monks and nuns who had devoted hours 
and hours a day began to sicken and fall into depression, 
but nobody noticed..... perhaps there really is a language
that only God understands... 
In this new abhorrent vernacular, 
Divinity may have covered its ears and withdrawn,
leaving the holy to perish quietly...... 

-Mary Reilly, 
The Apprenticeship of a Buddhist Quaker: The Barn at the End of the World

Words: 333 / Updated: 15 Aug 2018 / © Copyright

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Joshua 3 months, 3 weeks ago New Comment

Again very much like the writings of my beloved friend Corinthian (Anaksunamun) over on Dark Poetry.Specifically the ending ....then all those monks and so on

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ButcherBenji 4 months, 2 weeks ago New Comment

You know, according to her writings, Mother Teresa lost all her faith by the time she was ancient. She was apparently putting on airs for the sake of the people she was trying to help. She perhaps knew the power of "God" but I wonder if she knew the power of the words that made up her reality and the reality of those around her. Granted, MT saw much in her long, eventful life. But I think sometimes we are blinded by the light and not seeing the true divine in the mundane details that can only exist in the dark. The knowledge can be used to great advantage.

Love seeing another longer poem from you. A little esoteric flavor here with the numbers giving it a tick-tock kind of feeling. Your poems never need to fear that cryptic flavor. Good for the mind of the soul. A divine language to break through to those dark, external forces that are cultivated within us unbidden. I think they are actual, physical manifestations that are borne of our emotions and tries to break us with a perpetual inner monologue filling us with doubts and feelings of inadequacy. Those voices are not you & I. And here I thought ultimate evil was something far more grand. The power is in the words, witch is why it's called 'spelling'.

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